Do we need some updating?


Throughout my life, I’ve heard certain people say, “I don’t like the readings at Mass. The world has changed and it’s time for the Church to catch up with the times. Things need to be updated.” Each time, I’ve asked the person what needs to be “updated,” In each case, I’ve learned that the person has a bone to pick not only with certain Bible passages, but with a litany of Church teachings on topics like marriage, divorce, abortion, war, capital punishment, homosexuality, celibacy, ordination of women, etc.

How would you respond to one who says the Bible and the Church are “outdated”?



Some of the music needs to be updated. :wink:


What kind of music would be better?


Truth is immutable.


I don’t know… :tired_face::musical_note:


Indeed. This concept seems lacking in the minds of many.


It’s ok. Don’t be sad.



Millions of people think that. I don’t know, there isn’t an easy answer. At least, there isn’t a single stock answer that will work for everybody.


The interpretation may be outdated. The Bible itself is not. We believe it gives us the truth about God, the resurrection and salvation. That will not change or cease to be relevant.


Point out that there is nothing to update. “Get with the times” is flawed thinking. The Church has an established nature. The outside world is filled with false messages and perversions. We are not to imitate the world.


When I hear people say this, what I have learned is they usually mean they don’t find things in the Church or Mass to be relevant to their lives. So I would ask, “What changes would you like to see that might make things more relevant to your daily life?” If they are up for the conversation, chances are they will have a laundry list of suggestions. I wouldn’t try to invalidate what they say. However, you could then suggest ways for them to receive current practices so they BECOME relevant to the person.

I also would be careful not to discount their ideas or input. There is always room for improvement, in practice, at least.


I would respond that the Church certainly does change (we are not like the 16th century church before the Reformation), but it changes slowly. There are good and bad things about slow change, but generally I think slow change is good.


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Why was this flagged? Whether one agrees with it or not, I’m not seeing the TOS violation here.


The Church doesn’t need to get with the times- the times need to get with the Church.


That person was trolling on other places so I guess that’s why.


Do you have any suggestion? We could sure use them.


I once asked a man who said Scripture and Church doctrines need updating if he had any old letters or cards he was saving from loved ones who have died. He said, “Yes, of course… From my grandmother.” I then asked him if he thought the letters should be “updated” since times have change. He seemed, rather unhappily, to get my point.

In my opinion, updating Scripture and Tradition is a bit like editing your grandmother’s old letters because they’re just too old fashioned. The disdain for things old and traditional seems to be a driving force in today’s western society.


Has that been your experience?


I was talking about the music, but that’s a good point.

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