Do we need some updating?


I would probably say from my experience an update in any institution on the face of this earth tends to occur when an Authority deems that an update is necessary. I hear you and would love to have a civil discussion on any of these topics. However, in the end unless you or I can show that we were given the authority from God to make these changes how are we able to claim that the Bible or the Church is outdated, solely based on the fact that we are unwilling to accept Her teaching on (fill in the objection here)?

That is the number one problem in our society today, an unwillingness to accept authority in our lives.

Pick any one of those topics and in the end it has nothing to do with updating what is now true, it comes down to me doing whatever I want to do when I want to do it and no one has any business telling me what I should do or which parts of the Bible I need to believe in.

Maybe try to be a little kinder than me but if they aren’t willing to discuss who has the authority then they are pretty much letting you know that nothing you say is acceptable since they are the ones in charge.

God Bless


Oh, the Old Colonel is slow these days. I certainly like 19th century hymns.


I’d say that’s why there’s one Catholic Church and thousands of Protestant churches formed by people who wanted changes


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I don’t. It’s just an excuse to bag the Catholic Church, refute religion and find reasons to point to why all priests are paedophiles


I agree, why was that flagged.


They are not trolling here. We cannot abuse the flag system


That the truths revealed in the Bible are eternal and applicable for all ages.


Very well said. Especially: “That is the number one problem in our society today, an unwillingness to accept authority in our lives.”

The Dictatorship of Relativism, as Pope Benedict called it, is indeed real. And for some, they get to dictate what others should think or believe while ignoring authority and those teachings they don’t like. God is God. And God wants what is best for us no matter how many rebel.


I usually ask for specific examples of what the person feels is outdated about the Church, then I try explain carefully why the teaching of the Church and what the Bible says about the topic is still very relevant.

Three common topics these people tend to bring up are marriage (why gay marriages are not allowed), priests (why women aren’t allowed to be priests) and passages in the Bible where women are told to be subordinate to men like the Letter of Saint Paul to the Ephesians, Chapter 5, verses 22-24.


The Catholic Church has lasted over 2000 years and WILL be here until the end of time. NO other Christian Church can say that. The TRUTH is the TRUTH and that doesn’t change.


Last time the Church tried to “update” we got the “Spirit of Vatican II” abuses.


I’m sure they’ll find plenty of Protestant denominations out there that will be more to their liking.

Our church/faith doesn’t need to change a thing regardless of the cultural fad du jour.


Thank you!!


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He seems to have admitted to being a troll. Notably, his account his new, so it might just be a sock puppet for that other troll who kept attacking Vatican II. We seem to be getting a lot of those trolls who see if they can get away by playing to what they perceive to be the sympathies of the forum or just throw a temper tantrum when a lot of users don’t agree with them.

Ultimately, someone may gone through and flagged all his stuff for that, considering every post of his is flagged.


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That might be an improvement.

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