Do we need to establish a police force in space?

On January 27, 1967, the United States, United Kingdom and then-Soviet Union, signed the Outer Space Treaty. The short, 17-article document serves as a “constitution” for the worlds beyond Earth’s atmosphere. It was ratified October 10 of the same year, which places us in the midst of a yearlong 50th anniversary celebration. To date, 105 countries have since signed it.

The treaty boasts a half-century of success, but with countries expanding and intensifying their exploration missions, private companies commercializing space travel, and an increasingly hostile international political environment, can humanity be trusted to continue a peaceful co-existence in outer space?

Let’s worry about it when mass access to space becomes possible. It might not.

My guess is that the countries of the world won’t let it happen.


Why not? We can call them space cadets.

Hey, out here in Californy we already have our share of space cadets.


Couldn’t one say the same about cyberspace? There are lots of things going on the web that are very criminal but no one is policing it. Well, not in this nation at least.

I suppose we can look to history for clues as to how it will come about… The wild west comes to mind. Eventually, as more and more settlers arrived, the more the need for law enforcement increased.

The difference is that in cyberspace, porn and sexual sinning aside, no-one is physically harmed.

Whereas the sheer physical energy involved in space travel creates a whole new level of threat. Consider when jetliners were used as bombs in 2001. A rock dropped from the sky could destroy a city.


No country (or even coalition of countries) can afford to establish an effective and defensible police force in space.

That’s where the UN comes in. :slight_smile:

The private sector is now quietly leading the way. I suspect in time they’ll be moving leaps and bounds ahead of space programs.

That’s the simple solution, but a dangerous one. The UN today is more interesting in social engineering that undermines Catholic values than it is in peacekeeping.

Less dangerous than no police, or allowing one country to police it.

The world cannot afford interplanetary renegades dropping rocks into its cities.


No, but we need the US military up there so we can have Space Marines!

Should that become a problem, we’ll address it.

And believe me, bigger, inefficient government won’t solve the problem.

Until there is a global government, human life will be cost-blocked out of space in any serious way.

Any kind of deep-space transportation or colonization will require the resources of the whole world.


But first we have to establish the ‘Imperium of man’. :smiley:

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