Do we owe obedience to the local bishop regarding apparitions in his diocese?

Are we not required, as Catholics, to abide by the decision of the local Ordinary (Bishop) when he makes a public pronouncement either supernatural not proven or it is not supernatural and thereby obediently not promote an apparition and follow the decree in all matters such as no public pilgrimages, priests are not to attend or celebrate the sacraments at the site, etc ? I see so many Catholics say “we are waiting for the Church to make a decision”, when the Church has made a decision in that of the local ordinary. Are not we required to abide by that decision until/unless it is overridden ?

Dear friend,

Yes, we are to obey the bishop of such a diocese. But I have seen laity, priests and even a bishop ignore the local ordinary’s pronouncements. It is scandalous.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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