Do we really believe?


Do we believe in what we are taught and not at all have a lack of faith? I seen this question used by people who may not believe in God so far.


I believe 100% in what the Catholic Church teaches. No other church, religion, path has the total complete TRUTH. We have over 2000 years of this as proof. If I lack Faith it’s on me not on anything the Catholic Church teaches.


I think it’s only human to have an occasional doubt. That’s why faith is a virtue. When the man asked Jesus to drive the demon out of his son, he said, “If you can…” and the reply by Jesus was, “Whaddaya mean IF?!” :grin:

Oh Lord, help my unbelief.

Mark 9:14-29


Faith is a gift and patience a virtue. There might be times of uncertainty. There might not be. Doubt might occur in some area at some point but then leave some time after. The point is, to pray, and if necessary, read up on the areas that one feels unsure about, when one does. Sometimes, it could be a test. Don’t worry in the meantime.


My faith in God is strong, and in Jesus as a special personification.

Nothing else makes any sense but I don’t trouble myself with it.


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