Do We Really Matter?

Contrary to what it may seem on the Internet, we traditionalists make up a very small percentage of Catholics. The average Joe and Jane pewsitter seems to be content to just go with whatever liturgy is at hand, and also seems to be becoming increasingly Protestant in terms of belief and practice. We who presere the traditions of the past are seen as being fossils. Given all the problems affecting the Church today, are the concerns of traditionalists considered that big a deal in Rome?

I thought we were seen as mini popes, sedevacantists and schismatics. Now I gotta contend with being called a fossil, too??

MOST DEFINITELY. You forget to include the Orthodox Church, whom the Holy Father would more than love to welcome into the Catholic Church. For the most part they are traditional and would love to preserve their liturgy. You can bet they are watching the current developments, especially with the SSPX. How the Church, or any entity for that matter, deals with its own traditionalists is a big deal. How else can you preserve its integrity?

Maybe they can reintroduce the TLM as the Classic -]Coke/-] Mass

I guess I’d rather be a fossil than an innovator or a liberal.

Goes for me too.

As would I, for it is far easier to steadily march forward than to get out of place and dance around.


To me, Tradition is my safety net, knowing that God would not let all the souls during 1600 years of his Church go astray. If one reads William Cobbetts account of the reformation, one sees a lot of the same arguments in the modernist teachings of Vatican 2. Together with the fact that protestant and jewish leaders were assigned to help on the formation of it, (not to upset them ???), I am quite happy to be a Traditional Catholic. I would never be a sedentavist (spelling?) but I do not believe anything other than what ALL our popes have handed down to us. It hurts me to read that some here think going to an SSPX mass (while in one breath saying it is completely valid), is a mortal sin. I can think of a lot worse sins to commit than going to mass.:shrug:


I find it amazing that one can have a clown mass, a Halloween mass, a punk mass and nobody cares (since it’s relevent, don’t you see?), but use Latin? Horrors! I think I just feel a bit discouraged, since I don’t see why all the Catholics in Atlanta don’t ditch their vernacular masses and come over to my FSSP parish, which is the smallest, poorest parish in the archdiocese (but we’ve just paid off our morgage, yee-hah!). The Catholic Church has such a rich history of art, music, and theology, I don’t see how anyone could prefer a banal guitar-strumming affair to the TLM.

American Catholics = the world’s largest Protestant denomination.

If you want to fight the disfigurement of Catholicism in America it is necessary to fight Americanism/secularism itself.

The Catholics of, say, France, have been overwhelmed by secularization, but the remaining Catholics in France are still “Catholic”.

In America, however, the Catholics have been overwhelmed by secularization, and are no longer culturally Catholic (for the most part, there is some small percentage of American Catholics that remain true to the Faith).

In time, schism will downsize the Church to a mere few million. We will be laughed at, scorned, persecuted, etc.

That’s the way it was, that’s the way it will be once again.

The pope, God be good to him, has a too many problems at his doorstep to lose sleep over American traditionalists. Start with the Italians who are notorious anti-clerics and seldom attend Mass. He should be celebrating Mass at his home church which is, if I am not mistaken, St Mary Major. He should live within his diocese, not in a foreign country.
“Catholic” means “here comes everyone.” That means we have to have the traditionalists, the ultra-traditionalists, the liberals, the ultra-liberals, the Christmas/Easter crowd, the divorced and remarried, the fallen away who come back each in his own time and his own way, the strong and the weak, the fervent and the lukewarm. If we exclude any, we cease to be Catholic. The Church is made up of us sinners. The righteous don’t need a church.


People who say that are as unenlightened as those who call trads mini popes, schismatics and sedevacantists. I just ignore them.

Good question! one would think not with all the opposition to traditonal Catholicism. :frowning:

So many Catholics are turning Protestant in their views on the Liturgy and even Church teachings.

Well, the Church is supposed to be very small by the time of Christ’s second coming…

Are you saying that only those who celebrate Mass the traditional way are going to those in the ‘true’ Church?

Sorry…I can see how my post may have sounded that way. Not at all. The others were commenting on how so many Catholics have really become Protestants. It seems that the number of true Catholics is decreasing.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. I’ll edit my post.

From everything I’ve read, mass attendance it Italy is much higher among Catholics than in the U.S. (approx. 50% vs. 25%). The difference is that there are far more atheists and anti-religious in Italy (and Europe in general). In the U.S. most non-church goers tend to be generically Christian. In Europe they are actively Atheist.

Also, the Pope’s home church as Bishop of Rome is St. John Laterano.

God Bless

No problem. I almost had to use the Yikes! :eek: smiley.

I do see why Catholics may be attracted to some Protestant denominations but remember, there are Protestants converting to Catholicism. Witness my 82 year old father … he is disgusted by the stances of his denomination and has been looking into the Catholic Church. He likes how she sticks by her guns.


Protestants or heretics were invited to the Council of Trent also. They declined the invitation. Before Trent a lot was done to try to accommodate them to some degree, but with little success at reconciliation. Like some Muslim countries today, protestant states in Europe would not allow the Mass or Catholic practices, but insisted that they be allowed to practice protestantism in Catholic states.

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