Do we really want such Church?

Fratres Carissimi,

Watch this short movie:
Do we really want such Catholic Church … Does God want? … The answer is clear, isn’t it?

Oremus pro fratribus nostris …
Hominum debemus monstrare viam rectam - viam Tridentinam - viam ad Dominum!

In Christo,
frater vestris Attempto

This is church is within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, which has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Is this what they are going to do to bring in people? I see this church also is reaching out with a g ay and les bian ministry. To bring them to Christ would be wonderful, a true understanding of repentance and reconciliation (go and sin no more), I hope its not a you can do that and still be welcome.

Father Z has a post on this on his blog.

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