Do Women Still Have PMS After Menopause?


This is serious: Do women still have PMS after menopause? Thanks!


My mom swears that she does. She can still tell when she should be having a period, she gets clumsy and moody. No cramps (those bits are gone), but more other subtle symptoms. She had a hysterectomy many years ago, she’s 59.

Oh - I should edit to add that she still has her ovaries. :slight_smile:



If you still have your ovaries, it’s possible. My mom says she does, too. She’ll get all the symptoms, but no period. I don’t have my ovaries and am very pleased to say that so far (it’s only been 10 weeks), no PMS! I’m very greatful for that, too!


Sorta. I get the craves for salty and oily food. I don’t get cramps, but I get a series of warmer-than-usual hot flashes. And I get aggravated more easily, low on patience. And I have my female equipment.


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