Do y'all remember doing this before Mass?


This was when I was YOUNG so MANY years ago. When we walked into Church there was a table in the center aisle. They had a container with hosts and a pair of tongs and then the deep paten that would be brought up for the Offetory. If we planned on going to Holy Communion during that Mass we put a host from the container into the deep paten. Do y’all remember doing this.


We do this during daily Mass so we have precisely the amount we need, but not during the (far more crowded) weekend Masses.


Yes, I remember doing this before all Masses.


We (Sacristans) check the Ciborium in the Tabernacle and we Guesstimate how many will be needed in the deep paten to be brought up for the offertory. Father prefers more than not enough.


We still do that in my parish.


I’ve seen it done in smaller parishes.


I have never seen that before! I have been Catholic for only 10 years though.


We used to do that at our college Masses. It was not a Catholic college and Mass was celebrated in an unaffiliated chapel, so there was no Tabernacle.

But that’s the only place I’ve ever seen it.


Mine still does, too.


Only in certain parishes-- usually smaller parishes, or parishes that had an unpredictable flux in Mass attendance, like in a church that was in a location prone to a lot of visitors. Occasionally for Sunday Mass, more often for daily Mass.

I don’t think I’ve seen it in any of my home parishes, but it was a normal thing to encounter in a number of places I’ve visited.


I’ve only experienced this at a university parish.


Thanks for letting us know - you never know when we/I might be in this situation.


No, I don’t remember ever doing that.


Yes, I’ve been in several parishes where that was done.

The object is to avoid having a lot of unconsumed consecrated hosts. Then the priest is faced with a dilemma: does he consume them (if possible!) or put them back into the tabernacle. I know there is a rule (maybe a guideline or preference–you can look it up) that hosts consecrated at the current Mass are preferable for distribution at Communion rather than previously consecrated hosts.

And of course if the priest has underestimated, that shouldn’t be a problem–just start breaking the hosts into pieces at Communion.


It’s still done around here at smaller parishes, especially where there may not be a lot of weekday activity.


The only time I encountered this was the parish I went to in Los Gatos CA. Iirc, St. Mary’s.


That is counterintuitive. There is only a limited shelf life, I would have thought that the hosts consecrated in the past would be distributed first.


The trappists do that for each Mass, at Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey.


I went to a Catholic summer day camp when I was a kid, and they took us to mass on Assumption day. We did that there.


Yes, I’ve seen this done. I think the first time may have been when I was in high school But for the life of me, I couldn’t tell you where. I don’t think I’ve seen it at my current parish where I’ve been a member for 30 years.

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