Do you actually read...


Hi, this is just a quick poll for Paarsurrey’s sake.
Im not doing this to pick on him, nor am I doing it to cause debates etc.
As most of us know, he posts a LOT of information here.
This poll is to actually see how many people read the information he so kindly posts or if he is just doing it for his own benefit.



May GodAllahYHWH bless you!


Dear dolphinlove,

I do not know what you mean by making this poll. But, whatever it may be, I ask you people, that we should not insult/being hostile to Paarsurrey. I never met nor know him before, anyway, and his point of view is different to mine. But, as far as I know, we (I mean you, me, Paarsurrey, and other members) are guests in this forum. So, as guests, we should show our goodwill to the host. God bless you all.



Thank you very much by being so nice with me.

May GodAllahYHWH bless you!


I read the ones that are not super-long cut and paste jobs.


You do not have to thank me Paarsurrey, I am just want to be objective in posting my thoughts in every thread in this forum. God bless you too, and your whole family.


My intention is not to insult Paarsurrey as I stated in my first post.
As I also said, he does input a lot onto this site that im not sure if people read or not, and if they dont, well maybe he might like to use that information and approach it in a different way.
That is my only intention, no insulting involved here.
God Bless


So you don’t read 99.9% of his stuff then :wink:


I only read until I can’t agree with his statements…or about 3 words, whichever comes first. :smiley:

Still love ya though, paarsurrey. You are one of God’s great works. :thumbsup:


I had to go with “other” because I started out reading them all, then scanning them and now dreading them as much as all other spam. I am OK with limited cut-and-paste and sometimes we have to repeat ourselves, but page after page after page… :frowning:


Let me see if I can help you out.

So basically I think the reason why the poll was made is because

to actually see how many people read the information he so kindly posts or if he is just doing it for his own benefit.


If they are really long I may skim. Paarsurrey just tell it a little shorter maybe in your own words. It would be nice to have actual conversation, theres always something to learn.


To be honest, when comes a long post, I tend to ignore. This includes all posts by members on the forums.

Most of the time, it is my problem and my impatience not to read and it is not the problem of any poster.


I voted other.

I cant say I ignore his longer posts all the time or that I read them all the time either.

Usually, I look to see if he is saying anything new first. Then, I decide if its something that I will read.

I ignore all the posts that are evangelistic in tone.


Ditto here regardless of the poster. Sometimes my posts even bore me when I ramble on and on. :smiley:
I also get turned of by those that use one big run-on paragraph.


Good advice for us all. :thumbsup:


I /ignore Paars.

Very rarely, someone quotes something of his (?) which is vaguely interesting,… but that’s not the usual occurence.


They are to Islam What Mormonism is to Christianity
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

He was praised for his famous Book “Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya”. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad declared that he was the promised Messiah and Mahdi and that his advent was in fulfilment of the various prophecies regarding the promised reformer of the latter days.In Tazkiratush-Shahadatain he wrote about his fulfillment of various prophesies. In it, he enumerated a variety of prophesies and descriptions from both Qur’an and Hadith relating to advent of the Promised Messiah which he ascribes to himself. These include assertions that he was physically described in the Hadith and manifested various other signs; some of them being wider in scope such as focusing on world events coming to certain points, certain conditions within the Muslim community, and varied social, political, economic, and physical conditions.He was accused of creating a new religion,a heretical act in Islam which he repeatedly denied, claiming only an Islamic revival.


From some of the replies received on this thread, i totally agree with.
I miss the cut and pasting, but when he answers, i read them.
I think this has been a very positive poll.
God Bless


Is paarsurrey allowed to vote in his own poll?:smiley:

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