Do you also attend Novus Ordo Masses?


I’m curious to get a feel for how many people attend the TLM exclusively, vs. how many go to both.

I’m in the “both” column myself.


I got to the TLM every Sunday but the Novus Ordo Masses on Holy Days of Obligation at my old Parish that I use to attend.


Do you also attend Novus Ordo Masses?

Nope, and won’t,…unless it’s a solid sheet of ice outside and I can only drive a few blocks to the Novus Ordo, instead of the 30 miles to my new home.


Yes, I belong to a Novus Ordo parish which offers reverent English-language Masses. However, now that the Motu Proprio has come out and seeing the opposition it’s been getting in certain quarters, I feel called to attend and support the Latin Mass parish downtown more frequently on Sundays. I will attend the Novus Ordo Mass on Holy Days of Obligation.

I want to remain at the Novus Ordo parish because of our awesome Eucharistic Perpetual Adoration Chapel.

~~ the phoenix


I attend both as well.


I have a number of reasons for remaining at my NO parish.

  1. I need to be a member there to get that yummy tuition discount. Can’t hardley afford it now.

2 I feel the need to be a good orthodox role model for the “regulars”.

  1. I can walk to church.

  2. Last I heard there was nothing wrong with the NO when done properly(not that I’m saying it is, at my parish). Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to go to a TLM.

there are others I’m sure.


I would assist at the TLM the vast majority of the time if I could, not out of any principle but just because this is what I find most suitable for my spiritual life. I don’t mind going to reverent NO Masses and I know a good number of NO priests who are good, orthodox men.


I also think the Latin Mass is more suitable for my spiritual life. It’s just that before now, I’ve seen it as far more convenient to attend the closer NO parish … English-language Mass attendance allowed for such things as less travel time, more time to sleep in, greater ease of planning other Sunday activities. The Motu Proprio and the negative reaction against the Latin Mass was for me somewhat of a wake-up call regarding what I’ve been taking for granted.

~~ the phoenix


Both, since the same priest celebrates them both. His NO Mass is very reverent and he has several altar boys serving, uses incense frequently etc…

The parish I am zoned in, OTOH, only has NO Masses and too many liturgical abuses for me to feel uplifted when I can’t get to the other parish.


I pray at both Mass’

The Extraordinary Parish’s Near me are at least 30 miles away and I can’t always make that drive for Daily Mass -

So when I drop my Son’s off at the Catholic pre-K School at 7:45am its very easy to pray at the 8 AM daily mass there -

If I had the means to attend the Extraordinary Mass only on a daily basis I would but Since I can’t I will Pray at the N.O.

Here in Kansas City we have the ICRSS, FSSP, and SSPX but since we have a option for the Extraordinary form with groups that are in FULL communion with Rome we will not go to the SSPX chapel.

We have been only once to the SSPX chapel and that was this last Friday and I only attended after I got permission from the Msgr. at the Chancery of the Diocese


I attend the Pauline Rite Mass twice a week; the eastern Divine Liturgies at least once a week and the Tridentine Mass monthly.


Why would he give you permission to attend SSPX when you have licit liturgies in your diocese of the extraordinary form?


TLM every Sunday and an additional NO every other Sunday evening (at another parish) due to a scheduling/family necessity. Also try to attend the Tuesday evening low mass TLM (and Mother of Perpetual Help devotions) when possible. But of course there’s the occaisional Saturday morning/weekday masses (NO or TLM mass) here and there - TLM is my first choice, just isn’t always available.

Peace in Christ,



I have attended the occasional NO service when travelling and bitterly regret it every single time…there is hardly a point of reference for me…I say the rosary


Both (although I haven’t actually attended a TLM).

My Cathedral offers only a monthly Traditional Latin Mass, so that’s the only opportunity I have. I’ll begin attending it regularly in October.


I am curious -on the Masses you bitterly regret going to do .you receive communion? If so how can you possibly have bitterness and regret about having our Lord and Savior in your hands and then eating his body and drinking his blood? Is the Mass becoming about you rather than about HIM?


I attend the only Traditional Mass. This is not too difficult here because I live near a church that offers the Traditional Mass at least twice a day, as well as all the other sacrements according to the books of 1962. It is staffed by two FSSP priests.


It was Temporary permssion for one time only as part of a friends birthday who is an sspx member… he started his birthday dinner with Mass and Benediction at the SSPX chapel.

The Msgr. Wanted me to go see the church as it is very pretty but he advised against recieving communion.

I do not plan to go back to the SSPX chapel anytime soon


wow, Bob. you hit the ball out of the park with that swing!
Couldn’t have said it better myself.


We’ll soon be able to attend both at our parish, as we’re planning on starting a TLM when our new church building is finished early next year. But our NO is quite reverently celebrated, and will continue to be the primary mass my family attends.

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