Do you announce the mysteries when praying the Rosary alone?

Just curious what you all do. I think it “flows” better when I don’t pause to announce the mysteries, so I skip it unless I’m with other people (I assume there’s nothing wrong with this, please correct me if I’m mistaken).

I announce the mysteries when I’m alone. I don’t know that that’s the only way tho’. I just haven’t thought of not announcing them. I would imagine that since the rosary is a private devotion, I know that there is leeway in how we pray it. When I say it tho’ I do it vocally so as to get the partial indulgence. I’ll be interested in what others say.

I do. It keeps me focused.

I also announce the mystery to myself, although I don’t know why it would be a problem if you did not. I find that announcing the mystery helps to harness my wandering mind, and keeps me somewhat better focused on the prayer (like henpecked).

Yes. I pray the whole rosary aloud in the car. Coming and going from work at the Parish. 2 rosaries a day.

Yes. Even though it is a private prayer it helps me meditate on the mysteries.

Yes, every time, usually with a sentence or two of additional context to focus the meditation.

I do now, but my mom taught me the rosary when I was a kid in the 60’s,and 70’s and she never said anything about the mysteries. Is that something that came later?

When I prayed the Rosary, I did announce the Mysteries – and in Latin. You can find websites specifying the Latin. Of course, I prayed the entire thing in Latin.

Words have power, and for me, announcing the category of the mystery’s meditations out loud was for two purposes:[LIST=1]
*]to underscore the reality that the events actually occurred as a matter of history
*]to engage more fully in that ‘spiritual warfare’ mentioned Biblically and elsewhere, that demons might flee or be weakened.
Reading your comments, “it seems to flow more smoothly if I omit saying the name of the mystery”, gives the impression you might be going through it a bit too quickly, or could benefit from more meditation – so saying these out loud would also serve the purpose of giving “some natural speed bumps” to check your pace and “reset your mind” to more clearly meditate on the next mystery.

No, it would wake up my hubby who is sleeping next to me. :slight_smile:

Our Lady desires our attention even in the littlest of things.

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