Do you believe all/most of the "major" private revelations?


I’m just curious. Do most Catholics believe in Fatima, Miraculous Medal, and Divine Mercy?

If you do not, is there a reason you believe in one/some but not another?

Do you ever feel “left out” because other people believe them?

Would God be angry if we don’t believe a message He sent?

I’ve read The Dialogue by St. Catherine of Siena before I had any inclination to consider converting to Catholicism. And I believe the private revelation. But I have a harder time with Fatima, for instance.


Want to believe but am not sure

What I’ve always heard is that unless the Catholic Church declares something --like Fatima–as valid (which it did by the way), we can believe it or not according to our personal spiritual beliefs. I find some “personal revelations” to be a little harder than others to have faith in. One such example for me, was a book, written by a very saintly nun–who possibly has even been declared a saint by now–I’m not sure. Anyway it was about the life of Mary from birth on–supposedly revealed to the nun. It even included supposed conversations between St. Anne and Mary. I just didn’t quite buy it–it may well be correct— it may well have been inspired revelation–but it just didn’t quite meet the test to me. And since I never heard that the church accepted it as sovereign fact, I didn’t either.;).

I am friendly toward them, but I don’t have a particular devotion to a specific apparition of Mary, nor of Christ. I can feel a little “left out” because some people seem so close to God/Our Lady because of their particular devotions. For a while, I was less apt to believe Fatima, because I had the impression that Mary was very cold and cruel to the three children, not at all like the little I’ve read about Lourdes; but then I found information that suggested otherwise.

I don’t think Jesus would be angry if I didn’t believe an apparition, if I thought it was best not to. Sometimes St. Faustina wouldn’t accept her visions of Christ, and the Lord comforted and assured her that He was very pleased with this, because she was showing obedience to her religious superiors.

Private revelations are not part of the deposit or faith nor are they doctrines of any kind and are not required to be believed. Therefore God cannot be upset if they are not believed.
A person can go through their entire life without believing any private revelations and are not any less of a Catholic.To complete us for our salvation we only need look to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and The Magesterium.
Some private individuals might get something out of a private revelation that helps them.

I have not read all “approved” private revelations but the ones I do believe are Fatima, Lourdes, Miraculous Medal, Divine Mercy.
I do not believe the revelations of Blessed Anne Emmerich. To say that after Jesus was arrested the soldiers threw him off a bridge frankly to me beggars belief. I think that would have been in scripture had it happened. This is just one of many things she says I find nonsense. If other people believe what was written I have no issue with that because it is our right to believe or not believe such revelations.

Frankly, I’ve never been 100% sure of what St. Faustina reported–though I agree she led a very saintly life. I don’t NOT believe it, let’s just say I have a degree of skepticism still.:confused:

I had a time when I was a fan of every possible private revelation, I believed them without any doubt. Now, I’m much more realistic/skeptic. However, I think that Fatima, Miraculous Medal, la Salette and Lourdes are true. I still have my hesitations towards the Divine Mercy, but I believe it like 80%.
What I don’t think is real is Medjugorje and sometimes I feel left out/stupid when this subject is discussed because the vast majority of people seems to have faith in those revelations. I’m not saying they aren’t free to believe them, it’s no evidence of right or wrong, but it’s a certain attitude that make me uncomfortable.

And Thistle–just as one skeptic to another–if you look on line, you can find tons of pictures of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun. They had cameras then, and lots of news organizations were there photographing the sun and the abject horror of the tens of thousands of people who were physically there and all thought they were going to die when the sun came barreling down at the earth. Supposedly it was in all the papers (it was a long time ago of course) and the pictures are pretty hard to argue with when you look at them. My Mama and Dad (now long dead) were both alive when Fatima happened and they swore by it. Not only my folks (my Dad was born in ‘01 and was about 12 at the time) but a lot of my parents’ friends in their age group were really overwhelmed by it. It was a HUGE deal in their day. But, I DID still look at all the pix for myself first before choosing to accept it as a fact. Again, and you absolutely need to look at the evidence and decide for yourself, I think Fatima about has to be genuine based on what I saw with my very own eyes… Now Medjugorde–I’m not so sure about. I have googled it a number of times too. They have cell phone video of that one, taken by folks in the crowd–and something may have happened there too, but I’m just not positive. I’d love for you go to the video and give me your own opinion as to its veracity. I think one reason that Medjugord bugs me on some level though, is that their home site is all about hawking souvenirs and the 3 people involved who say they still have monthly visitations and messages from Mary to share with the earth, are all making good livings on the speaking circuit! Just sayin’–I don’t know for sure.

Anyway, I do know this, aside from the sort of underplay now and again about the Shroud of Turin–mostly trying to debunk what they consider a myth–it seems like there is simply no media coverage of these miracles. I mean something is a little wrong with our news people (like everyone didn’t already know that!). Wouldn’t you think that the whole world would be in awe and want to see proof of things like the host that bled which is in a church in Europe or the cloak Juan Diego wore when Mary appeared to him at Guadalupe, Mexico? And what ABOUT Fatima? I mean, they could put together an entire documentary just from the pictures still on file–and that happened in the last century!

If the church approves it I believe in it

I can’t add anything better than what Thistle did. (And thanks for that informative post/reminder, BTW!)
The only private revelation that I consider myself to have a decent amount of knowledge of is the Divine Mercy message given to St. Faustina. There are many things in that message that my heart and soul needed. The rest of them I’m not very familiar with, mainly because of trying to love God and neighbor more by reading, praying, and letting His Word get to my heart. So, I’ll just put it this way: I think they are all OK to believe or the Church wouldn’t tell us so, but I don’t feel the need to learn about all of them or follow any particular devotion to them other than some aspects of the Divine Mercy message and devotion.

“Approved” miracles yes, private, well, let us say it like this. I know God talk to me, and from to time He also give me signs that only I understand. Problem is that only priests believe me when I tell about them.

The Magisterium of the Church, to whom we believe is given the charism of discerning if such revelations are of God or not, has given assent to certain private revelations. This means that we are free to accept them as true revelations from our Lord, and that they are free of doctrinal error.

We are not, however, bound to give assent of faith to them, as if our salvation depended on them.

I love Lourdes as been there a couple of times.

Lately though I been struggling with St Faustina and her revelations. I need to pray about it as I am having doubts.

I would love to believe 100% that it is true but I have my niggling doubts.

The major ones I believe in are the the apparitions of Fatima and the Miraculous Medal.

I’m hesitant on the Divine Mercy and Lourdes. I don’t believe in Medjugorje. Many people in my church believe in it, which is kind of troubling to me because people often ask why I don’t believe in it. I’d rather wait till the church approves before believing in it.

I can’t speak for God, but I think it’s only human nature to be cautious of revelations. He even said it himself.

I do not believe that God would be angry if we do not believe in the hundreds of private revelations that are reported. I personally believe that many are from Satan.

I believe, without any reservation, Lourdes, Fatima, Divine Mercy, St. Catherine of Sienna, the Miraculous Medal, the Brown Scapula, the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

I look at the lives lived by the the recipient of the reported mystical revelations, many of them are questionable to say the least. “By their fruits you shall know them.”

I trust in Jesus ! And I rely on the Holy Spirit to show me the way.

I want to believe the revelations and chaplets, but it sort of feels like I’m making God into a vending machine — praying this and that, and voila, you get what you ask for. I realize there’s the caveat that it has to be beneficial for the soul and according to God’s will.

(But if it’s God’s will, won’t it happen without us asking for it to happen?)

Another hesitation I have is that sometimes, I view these revelations as perhaps “more” than Sacred Scripture. “More” in the sense that Scripture laid the foundation, and the revelations expounded upon it.

Regarding Divine Mercy: How do we have trust in Jesus but also not be presumptuous of our salvation? We are told to request from God with child-like innocence…not sure how to do that.

I received a blessed Miraculous Medal, but I’m hesitant to wear it because I have yet to offer proper veneration to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the whole not being a Catholic thing. I have recited the novena, but in my heart, I’m not ready to consecrate myself to Mary.

For me it’s not a matter of belief or unbelief.
The Church has said that some private revelations are worthy of belief, and that I am free to choose whether or not a particular devotion is appropriate for me at a particular time.

I do not practice any special devotion to any of the things already mentioned in this thread. That does not be I don’t believe in them, it just means that ,at this moment, none of them have any place in my spirituality. I have a very rich spiritual life that is centered around the Daily readings. I spend between 30-60 minutes a day in Ignatian-style contemplation with the readings, pray the Examen at lunch time & before bed and pray the Office of Readings & Night prayer most days.

I am happy with where I am in my journey, and my spiritual director and my confessor seem to think I am on the right track, so for now, I will just continue with what I am doing. If at some time in the future, I believe I am be called to some particular devotion, I will, with the help fo my spiritual guides, discern if it’s the right path, and follow it.

The approved private revelations are there to help us. They come through flawed human beings who express what they experience through their own capacity to do so.

I do believe in the approved apparitions, and have some interest in keeping up with some that are not. I am ready to put aside and forget about any apparitions that are condemned by the Church.

Reading the book “A Still Small Voice” by Father Benedict Groeschel helped me greatly to understand more about private revelation and how careful the Church is, and rightly so.

I think that the bolded above isn’t quite the right question. For me, it’s more a matter of knowing whether or not the message came from God. If there is a message, and it obviously came from God, then of course I’m going to believe it. However, when there is an intermediary, then the more appropriate question is the veracity of that intermediary. Is [s]he 1) passing on a message that [s]he actually got from God, or 2) passing on a message that [s]he thinks came from God, but actually came up out of his/her own imagination, or 3) passing on a message that is an intentional deception?

The Apostle John wrote that we are to “test the spirits to see if they are from God.” (I John 4:1 For me, this mean testing a seer’s statements by the standard of Sacred Scripture, or, to a lesser extent, by what we KNOW to be true. To give one example from my own study, in my reading of St. Faustina’s diary I came across an entry where she quoted Jesus as saying that He had been surprised at something. However, Jesus existence now is in eternity, where he sees all things simultaneously. It is impossible to “surprise” Him, because He knows the end from the beginning. That ended it for me as far as St. Faustina’s credibility as a seer was concerned.

In general, I hold all private revelations at a very long arm’s length. Of all those that I have knowledge of, the one that comes closest to being acceptable to me is Lourdes. I can’t see a single place where Bernadette Soubiroux (sp?) put a foot or a word wrong.

:thumbsup: I have a real problem with some of the revelations that seem to be very political in essence.

What is it re Lourdes that gets n the way of you believing? St.Bernadettes’s body was found to be n an uncorrupted state many many years after her death.Add to that,the countless miricales that have occurred at the Lourdes site.

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