Do you believe in angels like our Pope Benedict?

“If we were to disregard these beings sent by God we would remove a considerable portion of the Gospel”, said Pope Benedict. “They announce His presence among us and are a sign thereof. Let us, then, call upon them often that they may support us in the task of following Jesus and identifying ourselves with Him”.

He spoke these words in his homily for the 1st Sunday of Lent.

Belief in angels is both an article of faith and mandated by scripture - so I’d be surprised if anyone said they didn’t believe in angels - and that they had a pretty special role to play :yup: I especially like the idea of two angels consoling Jesus at His moment of agony in Gethsemane - a lovely thought to keep in mind in tough times of life.

Thanks be to God for my guardian angel, who I hope will stick close and guide me in spite of myself, towards Him for the rest of my life. I’m sure I’ve given him or her more than a few heart attacks and grey hairs in my time. :smiley:

Oh I do. I have a strong devotion to St. Michael and it’s getting stronger. In these dangerous and uncertain times, it’s good to have an angel on my side who can kick some devil butt:D

Of course. I’m a Catholic.:angel1:

Yes, I do believe in angels like Pope Benedict. The Good Book is pretty clear on the matter. :thumbsup:

Thank you.

My guardian angel’s name is Boris. I do not know this as a fact but that’s what I call him. The poor thing has been through a lot with me. He must have great patience. :thumbsup:

Thats cute.:slight_smile:

Yes I do. In 2007 an Angel came to me and spoke. That year was a very hard year and all of a sudden the Angel told of things that I needed to do, he also said my daughter was pregnant with child and she would have a son. My heart is filling with emotion as I remember. He said she would have a boy. Well she did and he has two names that are listed in our Holy Bible. After my grandson was born life is more filled. Godbless all and Peace to all.

The Bible is very clear about the existence of angels, and the Church has expressed her belief in them from the beginning. For these reasons, I believe that they exist.

Absolutely… :yup: My Guardian Angel is one of my very, best friends. He has assisted me in more ways than I can count. Especially, over the past 5 years… which have been difficult years for me (family troubles).

I thank Our Lord, each morning for the Creation of His servants… the Angels… and for their presence in our lives and in the world. And especially, for the gift to each of us… of a beautiful Guardian Angel! They pray for us… they guide us… they inspire us… and they protect us!

Absolutely!! I often think that my mom, in heaven, is one of my angels. I also pray to my guardian angel and to St. Michael as well.

Do any of you know any good books on the subject?
Blessings to all,

Hi Eli :wave: You can find a lot of angel books at EWTN’s Religious catalogue store . I bought “Heavenly Army of Angels” by Bob and Penny Lord… for my nephew. But before I sent it to him… I couldn’t resist reading it myself! :whistle: LOVED it!

I think it’s on the first page of the link I’m including. God bless and give a big hug to “A”.

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