Do you believe in limbo?


I’m convinced that it’s impossible for the Catholic Church to abandon the theological deduction known as limbo, and to say instead that all infants dying without the sacrament of Baptism attain the supernatural happiness of the beatific vision in heaven.

Even though I don’t believe that questions of Catholic doctrine and morals are decided by polls, I think that it would be helpful to see how much confusion there is among Catholics on the above points.

Consequently, I request that only Catholics respond to this poll.

Keep and spread the Faith.


I believe that the Church will either retain the theory of Limbo, or it will create a new theory that is essentially Limbo with a different name.


As I understand it all, Heaven has many levels. The upper is for Catholics to experience the Beautific Vision of being directly in Gods presence. The lower levels will be for those who are Christian and not Catholic but they will be happy to the point that they dont know or simply dont care there’s a higher level of happiness. These could also contain those who died with a baptism of intent.

God will make us content and there will be no jealousy or envy. Too many people think Limbo is like floating around in a gray area. I view the lower levels as having greener grass and brighter colors than Earth, but not as bright or green as the upper levels. It simply doesnt matter to me. I’ll be happy to take level 1 of Heaven as long as I can get there. And I’ll place my theory of all this alongside a theolgians explanation anyday. :wink:


I’d like to clarify my limbo poll: if you vote for option #2 (heaven), you should *also *vote for either option #5 or option #6 to tell us whether or not you believe that everyone goes to heaven.


Keep and spread the Faith.


Theological discussions belong in the Apologetics forum, not Catholic News. Thread closed.


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