Do You Believe that Diabolical Influence Plays a Large Role in the World?

Do you believe that diabolical influence (possession, oppression, obsession) plays a large and ever-increasing role in today’s world?

I’ve been reading An Exorcist Tells His Story, by Fr. Gabriele Amorth, the leading Vatican exorcist. He speaks of things that I have never heard of and that I’m sure many priests that I know have no idea about. I believe that many people today are suffering from diabolical influences, but do not know it because of the lack of knowledgeable exorcists within the Church. People seem to view this thing as a something of the past or something “that can never happen to me.” However, with the increase of witchcraft, etc, the Church and its members need to be more aware of these things than ever. I highly recommend the book mentioned above. It opens one’s eyes to reality.

Fr. Gabe Amorth’s 2 books are good information on this topic & downright scary.
to quote:

If they were visible the sun would be darkened.

There are a lot of organisations which are ultimately Satanist in inspiration. However most of the members don’t know that they have origins in Satanism, and it is difficult to say how far real Satanists have kept control of them.

I agree. I had no idea that demons could cause health problems like brain tumors! :eek: So many people are depressed in America, and that’s one of the symptoms of diabolical influence. Makes you think…

I was also previously under the impression that one had to be willing to work with Satan before they could be possessed. Now I find out that a person can “cast a spell” on you, and you can be attacked.

Yes, but I don’t know to what degree.

Personally, I’m inclined to believe that they’re extremely active. As I mentioned previously, the number of mental anxiety and depression cases have increased dramatically since bishops stopped regularly appointing exorcists. Depression is one of the big symptoms of diabolical influence.

I believe it plays a role only to a certain extent, once the devil has planted its seed, only you can nurish it. Just as a priest planting the seed of Jesus salvation in us, it is now up to you to hold the faith.
The devil is only allowed to tempt you that is it,beside full blown possession.
Another train of thought by one of the saint “name?” or priest he currently has a video out on possession, mention once we are in the habit of commiting sins without temtation we ourselves become that demon.

That’s not necessarily the case, however. Some people who are very holy and completely innocent become possessed. One does not have to cooperate with the demon to become possessed. It can come about because of a spell or because God wants it for some greater good.

Fr. Amorth mentions that even Pope John Paul II was subject to attacks from demons…he would undergo periods in which he was obviously not himself.

I think a lot of people may be oppressed by a diabolical influence, very few are possessed. But I say the St. Michael prayer frequently:D

That’s a wonderful prayer. Fr. Amorth objected to the fact that priests don’t say it at the end of each Mass any more.

So how do we combat this?

I would suggest that you read Fr. Amorth’s book. It is not frightening, just enlightening. (wow…that came out kind of well ;)) The lack of knowledge on this subject is probably the biggest problem right now. People simply don’t believe that this stuff is real. Basically, spread the word.

Sacraments and sacramentals are extremely important. Many times he says that the sacrament of Confession is more powerful than an actual exorcism. The basic remedy is to stay close to God. :slight_smile:

I believe the Devil’s influence is all around us. I’ve read in various places that demonic possession is on the rise. However, I am not so sure that diabolical powers are influencing most of the problems in the world today. I am not saying that I disbelieve it is happening, only that a lot of the problems may be more a function of temptations coupled with a poor understanding of Christianity (or plain disbelief in God). I guess this could be diabolical; however, I thought diabolical is a more “in your face” type of evil.

There is a difference we are not talking of possession you are speaking of diabolical attacks which is different. I never read of a saint being possessed, but of them being attacked only to distract them from fulfilling Gods work, Padre Pio, Cur de Ars where attacked especially when there was a great sinner comming to confession, the devil would try to scare the Holy saint so they could not do there job.
Now if you are speaking of Saint that had illnesses it is because God allowed the saint to bare the pain of the sin. Saint Faustina had stomach problems, through her writting it was revealed that she bared the pains of those who commited abortion, but that is not possession.

Have you spoke to your priest about it, I spoke to my priest during one of my chats and later he brought it back into the mass, during the end like it was ment to be. Our churches name St. Michael the Arch Angel.
If you never ask???

I answered yes. When I was younger, I didn’t really believe in the concept of devils in the world. But over time, I think it explains alot of unexplained influences we have in the world. Its one thing for temptation to strike us when we are presented with the object of temptation (i.e. fear tempting us to lie, or two young people in love overwhelmed by lust) but that doesn’t explain all temptation. I have had temptations to sin enter my head without any prompting on my part or without seeing anything that would cause that temptation. I am sure all of us probably have similar experiences. Whether sources of these random temptations are external or internal, they are certainly not of God and therefore I think diabolical.


Pray so that you are not tempted. Look in to the Lords prayer, “leads us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil”. Remember the devil is only allowed to tempt not touch.

Diabolical influence can be very well disguised. It can come under the appearance of worldly misfortunes (the demons hope to make a person despair and commit suicide). Diabolical influence can come in three different forms:

Possession: demon takes full possession of the body and can control it.

Oppression: symptoms may include mild or severe illness. The Bible gives examples of this (Job and Paul). A person can lose material things. The severity of oppressions vary but can be just as hard to “diagnose” and heal as actual possession.

From Fr. Amorth’s book:

Diabolic obsession. Symptoms sudden attacks, at times ongoing, of obsessive thoughts, sometimes even rationally absurd, but of such nature that the victim is unable to free himself. Therefore the obsessed person lives in a perpetual state of prostration, desperation, and attempts at suicide. Almost always ovsession influences dreams.

Intresting have you ever read the story of Saint Anthony of the desert. Intresting read. Even though he went to the desert to get away from the world, even out there he was tempted.

Fr. Amorth’s point is that the practice should never have been stopped.

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