Do you believe that only Catholics can get into heaven?


Raise your hand if you believe that only Catholics can get into heaven!****


I don't think this is the Church teaching...

however there is clearly more graces available for Catholics to help in our salvation :)


I doubt you'll get a lot of raised hands, even from the people who act like orthodox Catholics are the only ones capable making it in.


That's what I'm hoping will happen.


I believe that God, in his infinite mercy, can do anything. However, I believe that to rely upon that mercy to control my actions is presumptuous.

God provides us with his Church, and a means to salvation.


I did not answer the poll because I think my answer could be misinterpreted. The answer is yes I believe that only Catholics go to Heaven, but not everybody who goes to Heaven is part of the Catholic Church here on Earth (the Church Militant I think it is called). Once people are committed to Heaven, one way or another, they are part of the Church. (Church Suffering? Is that the term I am looking for?)


I agree with this, in that there is one Church.



I think it would be horrible/terrifying, seeing all those people go to hell :frowning: including our friends and relatives… I honestly hope no one goes to hell though I know that won’t happen. I believe non Catholics can be saved through invinsible ignorance… like God won’t put someone in hell just because they were born in a Protestant or Orthodox (or Muslim or Buddhist or atheist) family… they would only go there if they learn the truth but hate/reject it, knowingly. In the end though, we don’t know for sure, only God is the judge… we need to pray for mercy for all…that all would find Him, and that all would come to His Church. We need to understand that God WANTS to show people mercy…this is His will, this is why He died.

that makes sense :slight_smile:

the Church on earth is the Church Militant… the Church in Heaven is the Church Triumphant…

God bless


Those in heaven form the Church Triumphant.

Yeh, my answer was going to be: *Everyone who gets into Heaven will be Catholic by the time they get there. *:wink:



While receiving sanctifying grace is totally undeserved, we, Christians, are still called to actually do certain things: Confession, attend mass to receive the Eucharist, pray, among others.

It is like going to the airport. Everyone wants a flight to heaven. While (most)Catholics do things that make sense, things that prepare their souls for heaven, this is like purchasing a ticket, checking in, going through security, waiting to board, so on. There are logical steps on getting onto a plane at the airport. Some people miss some steps and it would seem like they are not getting on the plane. However there is nothing stopping a pilot with a plane (God) from walking up to someone and asking if they want a free ride to Heaven. Ultimately, in my opinion, we are all getting a free ride.


I believe that wherever you believe that you go when you die, that's where you go. For Catholics and people of faith, you go to an afterlife. For atheists, you go nowhere.



I think I mean the ones in purgatory.


Jeanne, that’s not the Catholic teaching, sadly :frowning: I almost wish it was true though, lol! the Church teaching is in a way - both harsher and more consoling.


oh I think that would be the Church Suffering, as you said :slight_smile:


[quote="Monica4316, post:13, topic:180299"]
Jeanne, that's not the Catholic teaching, sadly :( I almost wish it was true though, lol! the Church teaching is in a way - both harsher and more consoling.


I mean, I'm not going to be going condemning every person who is not Catholic to hell.

What is the Church's teaching?



[quote="jeanne71350, post:15, topic:180299"]
I mean, I'm not going to be going condemning every person who is not Catholic to hell.

What is the Church's teaching?



the Church teaches that we don't know who is in hell, and only God is the judge. As Catholics we are not to go around condemning people... :) and we believe that non Catholics can go to Heaven too.


I don’t feel that the question is presented in the right way. I do believe there will only be Catholics in Heaven. That is Church teaching. However, the Church also teaches that non-Catholics can be saved if they are protected from their unbelief by invincible ignorance. These are people that are submitting to the truth insofar as they have been made aware of it, people who have not rejected the truth. As Jesus said, “whoever is not against me is for me.” Therefore people from any faith can be saved, but they will convert fully to Catholicism in Purgatory or the instant they enter Heaven.

Heaven is full unity with Christ, Christ is the fullness of truth, and the Church is the pillar and foundation of truth. One cannot have the fullness of truth – Christ – without having full unity with the foundation and pillar of truth, the Church. The Church is Christ’s Body and there is no disunity in Heaven. Therefore anyone who enters Heaven will be fully part of Christ’s Body, the Church. They will be fully united with the fullness of truth, Christ and Christ’s Body. However, if through no fault of their own they are not confirmed Catholic in this life, they can still be fully united with the Church at the moment of death.

The Catholic Church is the only way to salvation and in the Church are all that truly live.


If I believed that, I would have given the Catholic Church the widest berth possible.

Here’s a passage I always think about when the issue arises in my mind:

Now she had got a start, and she went on and told me all about the good place. She said all a body would have to do there was to go around all day long with a harp and sing, forever and ever. So I didn’t think much of it. But I never said so. I asked her if she reckoned Tom Sawyer would go there, and she said not by a considerable sight. I was glad about that, because I wanted him and me to be together.”

It’s from the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and it makes me wonder who is more likely to go to Heaven - the smug fellow who thinks he’s the only one to go to the “good place” because he went to a particular church, or the fellow who would rather go to hell than to be parted with a true and dear friend ?


Is this a response to my post or the OP?


Unfortunately, evils often come in pairs, so that avoiding one evil does not automatically make you good. Mark Twain saw one kind of evil clearly- the smug complacency for which Jesus blamed the Pharisees. But in hating that evil Mark Twain did not fly to the good of loving all, even his enemies. He became very bitter and sarcastic against smug and complacent people. I think that many people do not realize what his intent was when he had one character say, of a riverboat accident, “No, nobody was hurt. A ****** was killed.” I think he rather enjoyed being misunderstood by people he considered to be his inferiors. I think that his kind of pride was not actually much more virtuous than Aunt Polly’s.

P.S. I just found out that this forum will not allow the word that Mark Twain used to be printed. It is an unkind word for dark skinned people.

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