Do you believe that Scripture based ceremonies always produce results


Do you believe that Scripture based ceremonies always produce results.

Even thought you can’t see them.

Like foot washing.
Deliverance prayers
Or James 1-5
If you lack wisdom. Ask God for some
Healing prayers
This type needs
Prayer and fasting


If it’s God’s will.


I believe that the ways in which we seek God will always be blessed by Him. He is faithful and loving beyond all understanding.

The ways of God may or may not be known to us in this lifetime, but I firmly believe that He always responds in love to our requests and desires to know and serve Him in this life.

Regarding your list, I often ask Our Lord for wisdom, either directly, or more often in asking Him to clean up my thinking and make it more like His own. I also engage in prayer and fasting for needs that are beyond most human intervention – addictions, gang violence, and the like – in the communities in which we live and work.

The others, not so much.

I often find your threads interesting. I wish you’d post some of your own thoughts as well. What sorts of activities in the scriptures do you engage in as a means of seeking God, of serving Him in this life?


Yes. But I’d generalize it more and say mental or physical acts which are done for love of God will result in you receiving grace. Grace is a result. Now if you mean will certain acts always produce the result you want then no, unless what you want is in accord with the will of God.


I agree with ex nihilo. Any prayer or worship done sincerely and with good intentions produces the good result of God’s grace touching the worshipper and the target of the prayer (if someone else is being prayed for).

It does not always bring a specific result in terms of getting the requested or hoped-for outcome, or getting a concrete, clear, understandable response from God at that time.

In some cases you may get an “answer” much, much later in time. Things that happened in my life when I was young that were not pleasant, I see now many years later as God setting the stage for an important lesson or outcome much later, like 20 years later. God’s reasons for other things may not become known to me until after death, if ever.


I believe Catholic ceremonies always produce results. Since the Scriptures are a Catholic book and the New Testament, especially, was written based upon Catholic Doctrine, yes, Scripture based ceremonies always produce results, even when you’re not aware of them.

I don’t believe that Protestant based ceremonies based on their flawed interpretations of Scripture always produce results. No.


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