Do you believe the Catholic Church is

Do you believe the Catholic Church is the one true church??



I chose “several churches form the one true church”. If you want to see my reasons for this, I have posted about it at length in a thread on Lutheran intercommunion in the non-catholic religions section.

Yes. The Catholic Church is the one true Church. However, I would say that the Eastern Orthodox have valid sacraments.

I would agree with you. I believe the Catholic Church is the one true Church, however, the Oriental and Eastern Orthodox have valid sacraments and hold a lot of truth within them.

Yes, but with the caveat that several other churches have apostolic succession.

I agree with St. Augustine who said.

“All heretics wish to be styled Catholic, yet if anyone asks them where is the Catholic place of worship none would venture to point out his own.”

Why ask this in a Catholic forum? All Catholics must believe this otherwise they commit a sin of grave matter.


Yes and apart from her ( by division/schism/heresy) there is no salvation.

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