Do you believe the news that the democrats and the liberals say about Donald Trump?

Do you believe the news that the Democratics and the liberals say about Donald Trump to discredit his President abilities.
Does it matter?

Truth matters. The fact that POTUS often complains about it doesn’t make it untrue.

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Conservatives howled over Obama when he was president.
The Liberals are howling over Trump.

Not much has changed. Just the protesters.

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I don’t know where you get Obama info. The Conservatives were afraid to confront anything he did.
Afraid to be called raceis
Because he was the first black guy he got a pass on everything.
Republicans are spineless wacko birds like john McCain. Or Jeff flake


I don’t believe anything. I question everything and everyone. I want to believe that the truth is out there…


Well, they didn’t howl as much as the libs because they don’t have as much media presence but there was much howling on conservative radio shows, some on Fox and other places.

It is never, ALL, of any group or situation. Some would be true. Voices addressed many things but there is a force that is not good w DEMS. It’s a little scary. Hate snd Bitterness are not good for the soul.
In Christs love

Jesus praying before arrest.
I pray for them(His followers). I DO NOT PRAY FOR THE WORLD, but for those You gave me, for they belong to You. ALL I HAVE IS YOURS AND ALL YOU HAVE IS MINE, AND MY GLORY IS SEEN THROUGH THEM…

Are we shining w His glory, when full of hate and living RESISTANCE??

Do you believe the news that the denomacrats and the liberals say about Donald Trump?


No, I don’t believe the news about President Trump that the democrats and liberals want us to believe. I look for facts and proof.
Unfortunately, the liberals and Democrats have been on an ugly smear campaign against the president since he was elected.
Sadly, most democrats and the media promoting their agenda look like poor losers along with a few republicans.


Good point observation . hate is a motivation of a different God.

I think most of the stories regarding Trump have a bias about them. America wanted a president that was not a politician doing things the same way as Washington insiders have done all along. They got one, and the system that is so entrenched in “politics as usual” doesn’t know how to deal. So they spin everything to satisfy their preference on how things “should” be done. Does Trump have his faults, definitely. But doesn’t everybody?


Trump is kind of a bumbler.
The stories about him are very obviously biased.
I find the coverage of his every single move to be mildly entertaining.
I’m not too concerned with it.

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Some things can be shown to be facts. Naturally, I believe those. Other journalists, even liberals, make it clear they are giving their opinion. I weigh opinion pieces against many things. In general, I try to stick to news stations that present both sides, which means I avoid Fox and MSNBC.

How can you say that Fox doesn’t give both sides. Juan Williams, Bob Beckell, Jessica Torver(?) I can’t recall all the Dems and L that spout their opinions. FOX is balanced. I cringe listening to the other side.
In Christ’s Love

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Whatever is begun in anger, ends in shame…Ben Franklin. Dems should think on it…

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I think all should. Democrats, Republicans, Independents. Anger and shame are affiliated with the human race, not a political party.


That statement is very true…

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I think you mean CNN and MSNBC…surely!

No, I mean Fox and MSNBC. Fox reports everything the Republicans do in a positive light, whereas MSNBC reports everything the Democrats do in a positive light. CNN is neutral. They just give verifiable facts. When they do give opinions, they are stated as such, and viewers can make up their own mind. That is not the case with either Fox or MSNBC. I can think for myself. I don’t need to be spoon-fed by either one of the partisan stations.

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