Do you believe the news that the democrats and the liberals say about Donald Trump?

So CNN does not spoon feed their viewers

Many things concerning the president are either alleged or under investigation. Time will tell if the irrefutable evidence is eventually revealed or not. But even if it is, there are many people now who will refuse to believe it. If the Watergate scandal was happening now, some people would cover their eyes and ears and exclaim, “Fake news!”


Yes, that’s true. Some DT supporters right now say, “No, he never had an affair,” when DT himself says he did. I think they identify so closely with him that to admit he ever did anything less-than-stellar is tantamount to admitting they, themselves are less-than-stellar. I think that’s why his base refuses to see both his good and bad points.

I don’t know if he had this latest affair that’s in the news, but I do believe him when he says he has had affairs. When it comes from the proverbial horse’s mouth, so to speak, I’m going to believe it.

When people become emotionally invested in another person or in a news story, they only see and hear what they want to see and hear. For example, there are those who still believe MH 370 was abducted by terrorists (or aliens) and the passengers are alive somewhere when pieces of the plane that have washed up on shore in the South Pacific have definitely been identified as being from MH 370. I can understand why they WANT to believe their loved ones are still alive, but not why they do in the face of the truth.

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I’m with you. I don’t believe either the liberals or the conservatives. Both parties stretch the truth or just flat out lie to the American public. It’s the game of politics all the way except for a pitiful few in office, and their number is dwindling even further. I didn’t believe either Trump or Clinton during the campaign; Sanders somewhat more, but then he sold out and supported Clinton.



This is true, but there are facts and truth in most of what both sides say. They are just slanting it to suit themselves.

Most people identify with their political party or ideology more than with a person representing that party, no matter how bizarre he or she is. The voters are to blame for much of the trouble in Washington now by identifying so closely with an elected official, they don’t hold him or her accountable.

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I like the fact that the Lefts demencratic people like Nancy plocy or chuck scheme r

Don’t get the upper hand over Trump

I voted for Trump more because I didn’t like the alternative. I wish the blue collar democrats would make a comeback.

I don’t believe the mainstream media or the real left wing democrats. I don’t believe Breitbart or the right wing republicans either.

Trump is over bashed, in my view.

(edited because I misunderstood the post. I’m sorry, 100% my fault.)

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What are they saying about Trump that hasn’t been said about every President before him?

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Clinton and Kennedy had their affairs.
Obama and Reagan and every other president misjudged at times.
Other presidents have had turnover in their staff, though Trump does lead the way in that.
Other presidents have been accused of being sympathetic to Russia. Whether they were or not, I do not know.
All politicians lie, some more than others.

The list could go on and on.

I am not a Trump supporter, nor was I a Hillary supporter, however, I think people talk about Trump more because of our 24/7 news these days, on TV and the Internet. Although Obama used Twitter, no one has used it as much as Trump. That’s good for him, but it’s also bad.

And, I have to say, I do feel for Melania, but maybe she doesn’t care how many affairs Trump has. They don’t seem particularly affectionate and loving. Still, I like Melania. And, the president should lead the country in morality as well, so I detest Trump’s affairs. I didn’t like Clinton’s, and I wouldn’t have liked Kennedy’s, and I don’t see how any Catholic can approve of Trump wholeheartedly when he admits to some affairs before and during his marriage and to some lies. (I don’t necessarily believe his accusers, either. I need facts.)

Me too :+1:

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What do people say about Trump that isn’t true?

My buddy and I were talking about this a few days ago. It’s strange how the average union guy (and unions are going away too, sadly) is now more likely to be a republican than a democrat. My grandfather (Union, patriotic and ardent democrat) would be stunned and very sad.

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Yes. And “the system” includes those across the political spectrum.

Politicians of all persuasions are good at promoting that which their constitutes desire but are not always interested in actually obtaining that which they promote.

Trump is a business man and has little use for that sort of thing. He puts results in front of image and feelings.

That horrifies some people --particularly the press which considers ‘business’ to be some unnatural kind of evil rather than as a matter of ecology.

I did not vote for Trump but I like the fact that he messes with the media

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