Do you believe there is a real hell? Poll


Do you believe there is a real hell?

  • Yes Hell is real
  • No it’s a fantasy

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If one does not believe hell is real is a heretic. The belief that hell exists is a dogma.


I agree, but there’s a growing trend that is not real. Want to see how people believe here on CAF.


Many of the saints saw Hell.

Jesus Himself talks of Hell as a place and satan as a being.


Oh yes. Very true. I like Dante’s description of hell.


Not real as in God doesn’t exist, nor does heaven or hell? Or there is only heaven and everyone gets in?


Dante was an author, creating a writer’s imagined description of Hell.

It doesn’t mean God / scripture didn’t somewhat inspire him :slight_smile:


The greatest deceptions of the devil are:

  1. having people believe hell doesn’t exist or is empty
  2. having people believe he doesn’t exist


Yes, this is the trend, no hell, and everybody gets into heaven. I guess if you believed in that, you probably wouldn’t even be on CAF.


I believe in Hell and in a personal devil. I don’t know about the fire and brim stone or the 7 circles but I do believe in hell and it will not be good.



I believe in hell. It was warned by Jesus. Warned in Fatima. What I am unsure of is how many screw ups can a person have before being sent there.


Okay, I’ve noticed a trend too. But more so with new age stuff.


Can’t get any more real than that, can you?

Edited to say: I believe God obeys his own laws. One is a physical law than can be extended: for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction. All life is determined between two poles, light-dark, hot-cold, night-day, etc.etc. If there is a Holy Spirit, then there has to be an evil spirit (Satan), if there is a heaven, there has to be its opposite, that we call, hell.


As many as you can commit, but it only takes one to be damned.

You can commit a nearly limitless number of sins in your life, and still make it to Heaven if you genuinely repent before your death. Granted, the more you sin the less likely you are to repent, so this isn’t an advisable strategy. On the reverse side, you can spend your entire life without sinning, and then commit a single mortal sin before your death and be damned.


Too many people treat the concept of hell flippantly as if it was an old bygone teaching tool to keep folk on the straight and narrow I think these days.


Dante’s images of Purgatory and Heaven are even more inspiring. My own envisioning of Heaven is very much influenced by Dante’s final, ecstatic picture.


Living in North Korea or any dysfunctional country, community or family is Hell. There is at least one story on the News every day about some Hell on Earth.


eternal dumb nation you mean?


Calling someone a heretic doesn’t really make a difference. It’s an insider term. Why should I care if a Mormon called me a heretic?


If this is what you define hell as in your definition, then no, I don’t believe in hell.

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