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Kill, you’ve made a good effort and articulated yourself well here. You’ve argued that the ramifications for our various acts are far-reaching. And that is certainly true. And I know you’d like for this line of reasoning to be sufficient to establish that our acts are infinite after all.

By “finite” is simply meant limited. So, for example, when my child does something loving towards me does that satisfy for all time her obligation of love towards her father? I don’t think anyone would say it does. Nor does it satisfy my ongoing need for her love. (This same logic would apply to her offenses towards me.) So now we move the thought-experiment to the level of human vis-a-vis the divine. When I love Christ once does that satisfy for all time my obligation to love him? Again, I don’t know anyone who would suggest that it does. The admonition to obey his commandments (“if we love him”) extends over a lifetime for those who’ve known Him from a young age. There is no “once for all” with regard to our actions. And the same would hold for our offenses. Thanks be to God that forgiveness is possible!

So, you try to see things from God’s perspective then? That’s excellent and also precisely what I’ve been trying to get folks here to do in this thread. The Scriptures make the point very plainly and repeatedly that mercy trumps judgment. Mercy is a higher good than justice. Christ, on the cross, does satisfy the need for divine justice to be appeased. So the justice of God gets satisfied through the divine act of love. It took love to satisfy that requirement for justice. And since God himself is the only actually infinite Being who exists, that loving act can have infinite application. All that remains is for each individual human to be pursued by God and loved by God enough. His mercy endures forever, and forever is a mighty long time. Peace be with you Kill.


That is a very good point Telstar! We were (all of us) born to live !! We were made for joy and life everlasting. We were not born to suffer indefinitely and endure in torment for all time. The pervasive nature of suicide itself shows plainly that humans are made for life and love . They are not made for sorrow, torment and suffering too heavy to bear. And yet, the hell envisioned by infernalism is precisely that—the neverending application of torment, suffering and sorrow. Forever is a mighty long time…

The limited, temporal sufferings that humans experience here can be so awful in nature that Christ does not merely encourage us to help people suffering in extreme circumstances, he says we plainly have to help (Matthew 25). And of course he’s right—the work of doing all we can to alleviate suffering is ongoing (indefinitely extending into the future?) :wink:


I do not have an answer on this matter because I lack a full understanding of God and the nature and purpose of the human race. God created the human race - He would know. Better to be concerned with understanding and doing what He asks of us.

However, if I created an indestructible free willed artificial intelligence capable of perpetual rebellion against me, then it would be wise to have ultra secure eternal containment available.


Thank for your answer Edmono.

If you like to have good understanding the way God works, I recommend you to read and study high level Catholic Soteriology in particular:


The above teachings of the Church gives you high level knowledge and understanding of God and the nature and purpose of the human race.

Could anyone answer my above question?

If yes, thank you in advance.


But i was never involved in the occult. Its just that i have a few severe symptoms that arent myself. Idk what to do becuz i have no church but i do believe (mostly) in god and evil so im willing to try anything i just dont know if i can walk into a church and talk to a priest about this


Watch “Bill Wiese - 23 Minutes in Hell” on YouTube


People choose to go to hell. Sin distorts their nature and perverts their desires. They can’t be saved because of their stubborness and God is unable to take away their free will.


Isn’t that interesting. Now I am just the opposite: I believe an unparalleled clarity of thought and feeling will be ours in the next life, rendering the delights of Heaven almost unbearably pleasurable, and the pains of Hell the ultimate in torturous agony.


what’s the point of Catholicism if hell doesn’t exist


The Church is God’s ground to refine people and to make saints.



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