Do You Believe Your Church/Parish Will Implement the New Translation In Good Faith on 27 Nov 2011?

Cardinal George has issued a proclamation that the new translation is to be in effect on the First Sunday of Advent 2011, and that no previous editions of the New Roman Missal are to be used after that date. With that said, do you think that your parish or the church that you usually attend will implement the new translations in good faith or will there be some resistance? I for one cannot imagine some priests saying for example “for many” instead of “for all” without choking or gagging.

Yes! My priest has already started talking about the changes in the bulletin in anticipation of their implementation.

I know we will. I started catechesis in the bulletin beginning last Advent and the pastor has asked me to do presentations to the teachers, catechists, parents and general parishioners. I also will be teaching a course on liturgy in the spring. I will be speaking to our music people as soon as our ministry year begins in a week, to decide upon a schedule to introduce new music. I am even considering asking the priests to stop using “Christ has died…” since that has been dropped from the revised text. One of our resident priests asked me for a copy of the text and plans to use this year to memorize it, or at least become very very familiar with it. Our pastor has been practicing for months. Our parish will be well prepared

I believe that implementation is a non-negotiable. All parishes in the United States have to implement the new translation by the target date. I just wish that it could have been earlier. :frowning:

I have heard of a priest up in Seattle who says he will NOT implement it…so he will be in disobedience.

Our parish has already started learning about it and will implement it 100%

I said “maybe” because our pastor is leaving in Sept. of that year and what happens depends on who is assigned to the parish. If t’s who we expect we don’t expect any obedience since he does what he wants, rubrics notwithstanding.

Great question! It will be interesting to see how this plays out at different novus ordo worship sites. My guess is that it will be a non event at most places; and a vocal minority will make a lot of noise, get some press, and eventually fall into line.

I think it might take a bit of time to get people used to the new way of saying things in my parish, but if the priests there persist then all will go well. I just think it’ll be a bit slow.

The OF parish that I attend about twice a month will fall in line. My TLM parish that I attend the rest of the month is not affected.

if they dont i will go straight to the bishop, no lie

can we go to our bishops and say “pretty please with sugar on top” and get it sooner? :bounce::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

At my English-speaking parish, yes, I think so.

At my Latin Mass parish, well, they’re going to most likely continue saying the Mass in Latin like they’ve been doing, which I assume is okay with the bishop?



The priests have been talking about it and writing it up in the church bulletin for months and months. Back in 2004 when we were received into the Catholic Church, we learned about the upcoming changes in our RCIA class. It’s also been in our diocescan newspaper.

Everything is very positive here and people are excited, not apprehensive.

Our pastor celebrated Mass in Latin for the first 10 years of his priesthood. He’s got it all covered!

Not quite sure what that has to do with the new English translation.:shrug:

Maybe he means that his pastor is traditional person and doesn’t mind the changes

[quote=Joannm;7002574 I am even considering asking the priests to stop using “Christ has died…” since that has been dropped from the revised text.

Does anyone know why this part was taken out?

As you can read here; Chaput appears to be expecting the parishes in the diocese of Denver to comply.

It was an ICEL innovation. This acclamation does not appear anywhere in the Latin Roman Missal.

All of the acclamations of the Mystery of Faith are addressed to Christ except the “Christ has died…” which is a statement. At the USCCB meeting that I attended a few weeks ago they stated that this was one of the reasons why they didn’t expect it to be approved, and as we saw this week, it wasn’t.

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