Do you burn incense in your home?


I was thinking about this, and adding the burning of incense to my daily devotions. I think it would bring a nicely added dimension to the time of prayer.

Questions: does incense last a long time? Does it scent the whole house, and how long does the scent linger? Do you burn it in the sticks or cones? Do you prefer one scent over another?

Any help would be great! :slight_smile:


The burning time on incense varies. It depends on the quality of the incense. Most of the sticks and cones burn around 15 minutes to an hour. But there are some brands out there that are made to last longer – 3+ hours. You can shop around.

In my own home I use resin incense. It’s basically pebbles of resin that have been infused with the oil of a particular fragrance. The heating element is a charcoal briquette that you light much like charcoal for a grill. It has a flammable agent mixed into to it to disperse the heat evenly. Once it’s hot you can sprinkle as much or as little as you like, depending on how long you want it to burn and how much frangrance (smoke) you want to release. One precaution: the brick gets very hot. You will need to have a proper container (brass or some high-heat resistant fired clays) filled with sand and/or lava rock to put the briquette on to ensure a safe burn.

Does it scent the whole house? Not really. It would depend on the size of your house, whether or not the AC or Furnace is on (air flow) and how much you burn. The scent usually stays in the room with a little notes of it making way into the hallway and adjacent rooms. The scent will linger about a day usually – again, it depends on air-flow, etc.

Sticks or Cones? Same difference, really. They each have there own types of burners (containers). Sticks are usually cheaper. As I said above, I’m a resin user.

My preferred scent: frankincense.

Hope this helps.


Nope. I have asthma.:coolinoff:


I think it’s a great idea for people to have a “prayer room”. It could have a home altar, some candles, some statues, some religious books, and devotional items (rosaries, holy cards, medals, crucifixes, etc.). I’m sure if I had a place big enough to have a room like that, I’d also burn incense in it. For now, I only burn incense when I burn something, or cook something that stinks up my apartment (like popcorn or chili).


I buy the regular incense sticks that you can get at Wal-Mart. They typically burn for 45 minutes to an hour. They do tend to leave a pleasant smell throughout most of my one bedroom apartment. The smell doesn’t last very long though. It lingers for approximately 20 minutes after the incense has finished burning but then the smell goes away. But that’s just my experience and besides, I am using rather cheap incense. ;):stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t burn it near your smoke alarm. :wink:


Burn the real thing- resin! Once you’ve burned real myrrh you won’t be able to stomach lighting one of those sticks. :thumbsup:

They have great incense crafted by monks on Mt. Athos… I think you can get charcoal through them too… And the small incense packets last forever considering that one pellet will definitely do the job in a normal sized room… Egyptian amber, byzantium, jordanville lilac and cherubic are my personal faves.

If you want a nice hand censer at a reasonable price this site is good… for hand censers or anything else really…

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Here’s another site which offers a ‘Home incense kit’ (Resin)


That’s funny. Good advice :thumbsup:

It isn’t the incense that sets the smoke alarm off in my home – it’s the toaster…hmmm…probably time for a new toaster.



Am looking for information on the use of incense by the laity. Could someone steer me in the right direction to some concrete sources on how incense may be used by laity at home?

Trying to sift through the New Age and other crazy stuff on the NET is getting a little tiresome. Thanks in advance!


no I have asthma and have no scented products, especially those that release aroma with heat, as they are extremely aggravating and dangerous for me. I can plan ahead at church and know when to duck out for a breath of air at Christmas and Easter and other feasts (and which door to use, the servers put the censer right outside the side door).


this isn't incense but once i burned a bunch of wal-mart scented candles in my apartment over a number of months. there eventually was dark build up on some of the paint on the walls.

Do beeswax candles produce black buildup?


We use to burn incense, but it can be irritating to the throat and when my wife developed asthma years ago, we stopped.

Typically, incense is burned in a church, in a larger area than an apartment or prayer room.

So, you may find it to be a bit over bearing.



I love the smell of incense and burn it often. :)



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