Do you call your spouse cute names?


Hi all,

Iam kind of embarrassed here, but i noticed some of our posters call their spouses by cute names:) for instance, one of our posters calls his wife, “honeybuns”:slight_smile: which is really sweet:)

umm… here goes… don’t laff!!! i call my hubby sweetie, babe,
pookie, < (please don’t laff!) sweet, honey.

whew… what an admission! :o what do you call your spouse?:o


Every morning It’s “Hello Gorgeous” and I get a “Hi Beautiful” in return.





I don’t know how it started, but I call my wife Huggie, and she calls me Hugs. We’ve been married over 26 years, and we’ve been doing this since before we were married. Too long to remember why. :cool:




sweetie, sweetie pie, honey…he calls me boo still, that’s an old name for me.

When we first dated I used to call him cupcake and once I made the mistake of calling him cupcake infront of one of his friends…his friend started laughing repeating “cupcake” and my husband turned around and look at him straight in the eye and said very sternly “hey, that’s MR! cupcake to you!”

We all laughed so hard :rotfl:





In my family there was one occasion where one of my sisters was having a fight with one of us (can’t recall who). In the middle of which a phone call came from her boyfriend.

Of course she took the call but the fight continued at intervals even so - and it was hysterical to see the lightning change from ‘sweetie’ and ‘honey’ (to the boyfriend) to the not-so-nice language she was using to whoever had upset her.


we were frequent users of “babe” and it somehow morphed into “beah”, which is also interchangeable with talking about actual babies…So now since I am pregnant, DH calls me “Beahs”.

What’s awkward is when I use the word “beah” to refer to a baby in normal conversation without DH there…b/c then I realize no one knows what the heck I am talking about.

I also get called beautiful, gorgeous, and toots, which makes me feel like I’m in a 1040s ganster movie, which I like. :slight_smile:


aww! :slight_smile:


My dh is Pookie too! When he is feeling cute, he will call me cupcake. Mostly though, I just use babe, or daddy. (We have toddlers.)




I’ve been calling my wife My Sweet Girl since we were dating.




I love this thread. I call my husband “Ebbeh” or “Ebby” or “Ebbs”," Ebbman", “Ebsicle” and “Ebbster”… it is a derivative of baby, but instead it is Ebby. Weird eh?

He recently started calling me “Beana” as it rhymes with my first name, Sina. He calls me Beansters, Beans…

I love it. Growing up, my parents always had funny cutsie nicknames for my brother and I as well. I think it is a very Danish thing… and probably exists in other cultures as well.

I laughed at Huggie and Hugs. How cute!




I’m a southern gal so calling my hubby, babes, babydoll, sweetie, sug., sugar and honey comes naturally to me. He uses the same terms for me.

In fact, I so rarely call him by his actually name that when I do he thinks that he is in trouble.




Haha same here! I don’t think I’ve called FH by his name since we’d been dating like three months!

No really interesting nicknames, i call him hon/honey, sweetie, my radioman (he’s in radio-duh), baby.
He calls me honey, sweetie, baby, and occasionally Sugarpops, which to me sounds like cereal :stuck_out_tongue: but it’s cute. And my fave, hottie. What girl wouldn’t love that?! :smiley:



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