Do you consider sedevacantist groups to be cults?

do you ever get the impression that sedevacantist groups esspecially thoes who elect their own popes, to be at least borderline cultlike? I often get that vibe from them, however if one looks at their doctrines, they are pretty orthodox, with the exeption of their view on the post vatican II popes.

What do you think?

Not a cult, but totally without authority.

As a convert to Catholicism from nominal, non-practicing, half-made-up pseudo-Christianity, I wanted to figure out which Church was the true one. The reason why Protestantism did not appeal at all (I first started going evangelical) is that it was all about one’s “personal relationship”, “personal”, “personal”, “personal”.

How did I know that I wasn’t just making stuff up, and whipping myself into some emotion that wasn’t really God but just my own making?

I didn’t want something of my own making, I wanted something that could really help me, a real person to rescue me. How do we get rescued by something we make up?

So authority is a big deal to me, and a major blessing to us Catholics. We have a Papa, who we can trust to guide us. That is so rare in this world.

This is currently a banned topic 6glargento.

i’m sorry, i knew that it was banned in the apologetics forum but i throught that it was allowed to be discussed in the traditional forum. I guess not. Would it be better if i renamed the title “Do you consider Traditionalist groups that are not in communion with Rome to be cults?”

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