Do you consider some amount of prayer in the morning essential to your spiritual health?

I may prayer a decade each morning. Want to know what you all think.

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Fr. Larry Richards is noted for saying, “No Bible, no breakfast. No Bible, no bed.”

I start my day off by making the sign of the cross when I get out of bed, and end it with the sign of the cross as I go to bed. I also find that the Morning Office and Mass are a great way to focus me for the day. I haven’t been to daily Mass since the shutdown, but I now have more time for the Office of Readings.


I started doing so this week and it’s been a good way to wake up in the morning. It gives me a sense of peace and readiness almost.


This is also true for me. My wife and I are normally daily Mass attendees but we’ve had to stay at home now. A few years ago I added the Liturgy of the Hours to my daily devotions and now with missing Mass it’s been even more of a blessing. I miss receiving the Sacraments but am glad I had developed a habit.if spending my first hour or so of the day in prayer.


Opus Dei isn’t my spirituality of choice, but I do like the way they recommend to start the day, what they call the “Heroic Moment” — you get out of bed promptly, make the Sign of the Cross, and say one word, “serviam” — “I will serve”.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


I start my day with some sort of prayer, it changes as my circumstances and challenges change, but I always start with a prayer.

Now, sometimes I have a work assignment that necessitates me waking up in the 4 o’clock hour and I have to race out the door.
In that case, I do a simple greeting/thank You, and schedule time for a longer devotion later.

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I need to try that.

Of course it is, although myself is guilty of being lazy.


However, your thread talks about “some amount of prayer in the morning” being essential to spiritual health. My only thought is, what’s time got to do with it?


Yes I have a morning offering email ( delivered daily and they give a daily bible verse, Saint, Saint quotes & little meditation, prayer of spiritual communion, morning offering prayer, prayer for the Pope, and prayer to Mary. Also, I do the three Hail Mary’s devotion first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

I try to do the Good Morning Jesus Bless this Day when I wake up, also the morning Angelus or Regina Coeli although sometimes I end up doing it later if I sleep through the 6 am alarm going off. My days tend to be really frontloaded because by the time I wake up, it’s afternoon in Europe where most of my colleagues work, so I often end up having to get straight to tasks with them. Afternoons and early evenings are better for me to pray as they’re all home and getting ready for bed by then.

Got a link?

@dm1997, here’s the link :grinning:

Also, three Hail Mary’s devotion:

Indeed. I practice what St. Francis de Sales calls a “Spiritual Bouquet”. In Chapter 9 of the Introduction to the Devout Life the Saint wrote that

“At the end of your meditation linger a while, and gather, so to say, a little spiritual bouquet from the thoughts you have dwelt upon, the sweet perfume whereof may refresh you through the day.”

In practice what I do is I read the daily readings in the morning and meditate on them. I then think of a word or phrase that could summarize the sweet thoughts that I had during meditation: the “vase” of the spiritual bouquet, if you will. I then write that on my smartphone. Then in the rest of a day when I have time I read that word or phrase and renew those sweet thoughts to sustain me.

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Also: for a daily Divine Mercy meditation:

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Although I pray throughout the day no matter what I may be doing, in the sense you ask the question, I do my LOTH and other readings in the evenings.

I pray because I love Jesus and Mary. I adore them of course on separate levels.
I dont need that debate🙂
I try and do my spiritual works of Mercy here and in Church.
I pray my church opens soon.

I need to pray more in general. I generally feel more peaceful if I pray in the morning.

I do need morning prayer. What I do varies and is always evolving but I dedicate 15-20 minutes in the morning. This is a short enough amount of time that I do not feel overwhelmed or grow bored, but long enough to get into it. I integrate it with journaling and having a cup of tea which makes it a very pleasant start to the day. Currently I say the Rosary Monday-Thursday, Friday I read a Catholic book (at the moment a book of Dorothy Day excerpts), Saturday I reflect on the upcoming Sunday readings, Sunday I do contemplative prayer and a weekly examen. This is a fairly new routine but it is working so far. If I do the exact same thing every day I feel it grows stale quickly but I also like a sense of routine.

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