Do you consider yourself a conservative. Or a progressive?


Do you consider yourself a conservative? Or a progressive? ?


I hadn’t really thought about labling myself…but hmm, can I be a progressive -conservative? One who is unchanged in the teachings but likes to be aware of what’s happening?


I tend to be conservative but I can be progressive on certain issues, environment, taxes, gun control, etc. I am very conservative on social issues, foreign policy, education policies. Many would accuse me of being conservative on immigration but in fact I don’t believe anything much different from maybe the Clintons during the Bill Clinton administration. The goal posts have moved sharply left, largely because of media I think, bias on cable, Internet news, Obama administration. I hope we can learn to look past these political identities of conservatism and progressivism (not unlike the bloods and crips) and develop informed opinions on our own - which means for a Catholic anyway that we will be accused of being both on occasion by opponents. I would say if this happens to you it is a very good thing.




I didn’t like labelling myself in the past but conservative in its purest sense would fit me.
By that I mean at the heart of things, I value tradition and personal responsibility and reject unnecessary changes.
Conservative, ‘progressive’, liberal, centrist have all lost their meanings. Half the time, ‘conservative’ doesn’t mean conservative and the same for ‘progressive’, ‘liberal’ or ‘centrist’.


A conservative Conservative


Minarchist here. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well. Thank. …


Definitely conservative. I find the idea of progressing towards government dependency to be quite lackluster.


I am a paleolibertarian, classical liberal, Christian Democrat, borderline Christian anarchist. Honestly, I hate political labels, you can’t really fit everyone into that left-right Spectrum, some people just aren’t left, and some people just aren’t right. For my fellow Americans, when I say Democrat, relax I’m not a member of any political party, I mean someone that believes in the idea of democracy that happens to be Christian, and I believe that our Christian views should influence our democracy.


A Moderate. Sometimes I think I’m the only one left in this world.


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