Do you daydream about Heaven? [physically]


Let me begin by saying that I do understand that the main point of being in Heaven is to be in the Presence of God for all eternity! :wink: And, that alone makes me VERY happy!

However, since we are bodily-spirits who will resurrect in bodily-spirit form, just as Jesus did, then we can speak of a Heaven that is also somewhat material…if we are to exist within it.

In that case, does anyone have preconceived notions of what Heaven will be like? Physically?

I must admit that my image of Heaven is such that sometimes it really helps in keeping me ‘good’ [or at least in avoiding ‘evil’]…

I picture a Japanese-style garden with gazebo and all, over a koi pond, where I read great books for all eternity and converse with great minds, such as the saints and Doctors of the Church…:smiley:

Am I the only one who daydreams about Heaven? I hope not!:blush:


I daydream about heaven often, and it is always like a ranch or farm. The ranch has a lovely little house with a big front porch, and has beautiful country club-like vistas, and always a beautiful stream running through it. There is always sunshine and heavenly peace. I imagine that all the animals I ever owned or wanted are there, running around, happy as can be. (Family members are around somewhere also, but they don’t live at the ranch because it’s like a hermitage, though they are welcome of course). :heaven::angel1:
I always loved that line in Genesis where God was walking in the garden, and so I imagine that he would be walking around the ranch if He wanted to! I’d be looking for Him. :heaven::harp::heaven:


Beautiful! :wink: I’ll go visit you sometime! :smiley:

A friend sent me this photo of a vacation and this is what my garden looks like…*

Feel free to drop by anytime…I’ll be reading by the gazebo…:D*


My perception is where all of the colors are really deep and beautiful, but bright, like in one of those old paintings with angels all over the place. And there’s no gravity so everybody’s all over the place, with the halo-glows around our heads. And we all wear flowing white and are just in ecstasy, crying with happiness, because we’re with God. Basically my idea of heaven looks like a cross between an icon and a renaissance Catholic painting, but more dynamic.:stuck_out_tongue:


COOL! :smiley: I need to add the lack of gravity part to ‘my’ Heaven…:smiley:
I do hope we get to be able to commune with the angels…I do love them dearly! I wish we could now as well! I pray and ‘talk’ to them…but I mean like conversing back and forth chatting…


i daydream about Heaven sometimes, but I always know I have a poor perception; God’s abode is greater than anything we can imagine, because He is infinite, not finite like our imaginations.With that said, I tend to imagine Heaven as a large city of precious minerals, with cool winds, clear streams, and wonderful vegetation, like the New Jerusalem in Revelation. Other times I imagine Heaven as rings of beautiful clouds stacked up on top of each other, with innumerable choirs of angels and saints seated on thrones on them, singing to God and telling one another about Him. Less often I imagine Heaven as a giant green world, with angels as animals and various worlds in the sky that one can go explore.


In fact, there is no dichotomy. If you are a human being, “to be” means physically; (being requires life; and life is physical) and presumably only human beings use Internet fora:) So in the presence of God means PHYSICALLY in His presence, since our LORD is physical.


I often think about Heaven also. I also worry about not making it, saying something stupid during the judgement or perhaps even getting bored with it, but that is another post entirely.

What you guys all said reminds me of what Revelation says of the new Jerusalem desending out of Heaven, and I would have to agree with all of you about the colors and richness. Although I think our limited understanding really can’t fully appreciate what God has in store for us.

When I think of Heaven itself, again I use Revelation, the throne, the twelve smaller thrones for the apostles, the lamb, etc. Such rich symbolism everywhere. I think of the biggest space I can imagine but without walls or boundaries. It has that thick fog around our feet and there is such a multitude of people we couldn’t count them all if we tried! New ‘arrivals’ come in constantly and there is much joy when others are reunited with loved ones and friends. I don’t see halos or wings necessarily, but just endless joy and happiness, continual shouts and chants of God’s goodness.

In some ways I almost think Heaven will be a bit muted though, things may be a tad washed out until the end comes when everything will come to pass, satan is defeated and Jesus gives back everything He has gained for God.


I love it:)

I have something like that. A free-form space, filled with light and color (more colors than we have now), and everybody “swimming” around in new, perfected bodies, luminous, just like JESUS on Mt. Tabor, so it would not matter if we wore clothes at all. Incredible sounds and smells everywhere. Not a speck of shadow or darkness to be seen. And we would converse with each other mind to mind; spend eternity getting to know everything and everybody.

And, I hope that I would see JESUS first of all, holding me to awaken me from being dead; so that I would first see Heaven reflected in His eyes:)

Sincerely yours and ICXC NIKA.


that is pretty similar to what I imagine it to be like as well :slight_smile:



We are human beings, and a human being is matter-spirit, a body-soul creation.


Awesome thread btw, thanks for putting it up! I love reading everybody’s ideas:)

How much I look forward to when I get to walk down that tunnel! My goal is to skip purgatory, fingers crossed!

In addition, I picture God as a tie between: How He’s described by the children at Fatima, as a penetrating light that sees into your very soul, the brightest light you’ve ever seen… and how Janmot portrays Him in “Poem of the Soul.” It was in the 2007 article ‘God of Desire’ in This Rock but I can’t find it anywhere to show to you :frowning:



I LOVE this! Seeing everything reflected on HIS eyes! :thumbsup: WOW!!! :extrahappy::extrahappy:


…Awesome thread btw, thanks for putting it up! I love reading everybody’s ideas:) …

Wow! This is by far the most enjoyable ‘thread’ I’ve been on so far! Every post is wonderful!
And, to think that I hesitated, because I thought people would find it silly or argue some passage somewhere that says it’s somehow heretical or something…:rolleyes:
I’m SO glad I dared to post the question…you guys are SO creative!!! WOW!!
‘My’ Heaven gets ‘richer’ with every post I read!:smiley:


My dear friend

I daydream about going to heaven. I consider it prayer because God is heaven, heaven is God. So to ponder heaven is to ponder God. My idea of haven in brief is to see and experience infinite living love which is God. The purpose of our life here is to grow in our capacity to love. We must love to go heaven. And the thing that will determine our happiness in heaven is our capacity to love. When we see and experience infinite love which is God the only thing we will want to do is love God back, in Himsefl and all else in heaven. The more we can love back the happier we;ll be. The happiness will continue to increase as we see and learn more about this infinite love. We’ll have more to love eternally and hence grow in happiness eterally. But very few people go to heaven. We must have the love of God in our soul when we die. The amount of this grace is what determines your happiness. This is why we should strive for sanctity. We not only ensure our place if we become saints but we will have a far greater happiness.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Sometimes I daydream about meeting Jesus for the first time but I dont know if I should ? it does make me feel really thankful to know Him, and I feel encouraged to keep on “working out my salvation” and to not give up :slight_smile:


I wanted to mention that I have been asking people about how they imagine Heaven lately. It is interesting to note that for some, it is more visual, while for others it is about music, or about ‘feeling’ - how it ‘feels’ to be in the Presence of God, such as peaceful & joyful.

One of my sons mentioned a wonderful ‘smell’…I guess maybe different smells so that we don’t get bored ?] since after a while we can’t smell the same fragrance anymore.

I had mentioned reading great books [since I LOVE reading] and another one of my sons added, ‘books which never end or which always have a just as good sequel’…

I had also mentioned talking with interesting people…and my my son also noted, would that mean that those people are taken out of ‘their Heaven’ to fulfill yours? Oh, well…

I still do believe that the sensory experiences must be present if we are to resurrect in bodily-spirit form…which we have to since that is our nature.


What does your Heaven smell like?

What sounds are present? [music? nature sounds? ‘space’ sounds?[/COLOR]**



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