Do you do the sign of cross before eating while praying in public?

Do you do the sign of cross before eating while praying in public?

Yes. :slight_smile:



Protestant make the sign of cross too?

So is the sign of cross considered ‘normal’ in America? What I mean is, what are the chances of seeing a stranger making a sign of cross in public?


Uhhhhh—what do you m ean by “stranger making the sign of the Cross”?

It would depend on the area in America that you are referring to really. There are places where there is a large Catholic community where you are very likely to see that, but if you go to other areas, you may never see it at all. It really depends on the area, if there are very few Catholics in the area, it won’t be considered normal.



Yes - and when there are more than one of us eating together we all say grace together, out loud (not mumbled), as well as praying the “eternal rest” prayer before we eat - crossing ourselves before and after praying.

When the staff from RealCatholicTV all goes out to eat together there is no mistake that we are a bunch of Catholics! :wink:


Protestants do not make the sign of the cross. In the States, I’d say it’s rare or unusual to see a family pray in public at all, let alone make the sign of cross. I know that growing up my family always tried to be very discreet about praying before meals in restaurants (I think it embarrassed my parents).

Cluny gave a very good response to this, but I will just add that, unfortunately, even in traditionally catholic areas it is less common than it use to be.
Having said that, I can assure you that many strangers have seen me make the sign of the cross, and not just before eating either ;).

Never had anyone say anything about it either. But I have seen others pray just after we do, even if they had already stated eating.


Yes, I pray before meals in public.

We see it all the time, and we live in a part of the country that claims just 3% of the population as Catholic.

I have had someone come up to me after praying in public, to ask the location of the nearest Catholic church and for Mass times. :thumbsup:

sorry i have no mean to refer ‘stranger’ as to non-Catholics.

By stranger, I mean “someone that you have never seen before/never talked to before and don’t know their names”

That’s awesome! :thumbsup:

great! :thumbsup:

Yes, I sometimes make the sign of the cross in public. I have seen some professional athletes do the same. I love seeing it.

It reminds me of George Foreman’s words after he lost his fight to Holyfield. Foreman had lost by decision. He was asked about how he thought he did. He said that his prayers were answered. He added, “We can’t pray to win. Everyone would pray to win. We can only pray to do our best. I did my best.”

I have to admit, it was pretty cool.

We had gone to lunch right after Mass. After our meal was delivered, we prayed. After a bit, a man walked over and asked if we were Catholic. And after we said, yes, he asked how to find the church. I told him then added that they had a Sunday evening Mass and he wanted to know what time it started.

I have no idea if he ever went, but I like to think that he wouldn’t have asked, then blown us off.

My wife and I make the sign of the cross and then say grace before eating when out in public. I am also in the habit of making the sign of the cross when I pass by a church, even publicly when commuting to work on the bus.

I have often wondered though if this goes against what Jesus said about going to your inner room and praying in secret…?

A nice waitress at Denny’s saw us saying grace and stopped a few feet away from us until we where done. I thought it was very nice and remembered it when I tipped her. Tim

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