Do you doubt the NDE of people who have died and went to heaven?

You’re more informed than me.

Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora, saw everyone in hell that her mother insisted were there. She has this confirmed by one Kwadjo Peter, so it must be true.

Hindu people NDE to hindu heaven.

Father Spitzer has discussed this in several radio episodes and videos, both from a scientific and religious view.

Here is one:

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Fair enough, yet there have been posters on this thread who say they believe in these experiences because of family members, and you did not respond that they should not be judging.

I don’t like to talk about these experiences in general, but not for reasons that others would generally tend to think. :slightly_smiling_face:

People can be ridiculed for sharing them, and they can tend to possibly fall under the topic of “private revelation,” anyway.

I personally do tend to believe in them.

I personally believe that people can generally tend to easily discredit them as hallucinations, dreams, visions, and so on, and that is why I said that unless someone experiences the situation for themselves, they’re the one that best knows what happened to themselves, and what type of a situation they experienced. :slightly_smiling_face:

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A lot of the NDE seem tailor made to the person’s original belief system.

They can’t all be true


And others tend to believe they are not actually visits to heaven and such. They are make ng no more of a judgement than you.

Why not?
Do you not think God could present a lesson to a person in the context of whatever belief system they have, in order to get a point across to them in an effective way that they will understand?


Because one of the books I read – it was very popular back in the 90s – very new Age, the author claimed that she met Jesus who said all religions were equal, that there wasn’t really any such thing as sin, on and on in that vein.
Comparing her NDE with another person’s who meets a Jesus who is saying the exact opposite (i.e. Repent, go to mass, etc)
It’s pretty clear they didn’t meet the same Jesus.

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Oh, when it’s some author of a “popular” book, I’d wonder if they even had the experience at all, even if they said they saw Jesus, Mary and a whole host of angels confirming that the Catholic Church was the way to go.

Somebody trying to make money off a book or a lecture tour is not the same thing as a sincere individual person reporting an experience. One has to just set the hucksters aside.


This isn’t proof, but opinion.

Fact is, it’s impossible to prove that people who have had NDE’s, did not experience something real.

We can’t prove the existence of faith either. But that doesn’t mean people who had the experience of Christ’s revelation is not real.

However, far back when Dr Elisabeth Kubla Ross, researched the NDE, before it became popular, she found that those who experienced NDE’s, experienced similar experiences.

Not all people who experienced NDE’s did so when they were on an operating table or in a hospital. So, the effects of drugs can be ruled out.

Anyway, it’s a matter of whether or not you accept that there is life after death.

As Catholics, we believe there is, and we also believe people have seen heaven and hell.

So, you have no proof that the NDE’s did not go to heaven.


The same could be said for people who have visions of hell.

In fact, they’re consistent with those in Europe, but not those in the East.


Science has a theory and could be part of what the flesh goes through but it doesn’t define what the SPIRIT goes through.
I find it interesting. Mostly, aligned w scripture and religious teaching. BUT, it saddened me when it was evaluated that a Christian sees Jesus snd a Muslim sees Mohammed…I never saw that study. All should see Jesus on the other side. It’s worth seeing and evaluating.Dont hold as Biblical fact.
In Christ’s love

The question in my mind is were they death-and-return-from-death experiences or were they near-death experiences, with an emphasis on the word “near”? If the latter, then the physiological processes of the brain and the psychological experiences of the mind may play a large role in the reports of these people. But who knows, since many of them report things they could not possibly have known otherwise? I would like to believe what some of them say. At the same time, I know that the will to believe in a heavenly afterlife in which one meets and greets all those people who have died and whom one has loved or befriended in this life is very powerful, as revealed by ghost experiences as well, not to mention all the religions which promise a heavenly reward to compensate for our trials and tribulations on earth. Is it all what Sigmund Freud called wishful thinking? I certainly hope not.

The closest I had to a near death experience was last year when I walked home late from work, the traffic lights went red so I could cross and a car passed at 90+ mph in the 40mph road, it was close to me, as I stared to walk across the road another car doing about 60+ mph came the other way (on the bend) and went through the red light, I felt the air pass me it was that close. There was no way of hearing it or seeing it considering where I was crossing. I realised one step and I would have been hit.

That night I was actually praying the Rosary from door to door.


Couldn’t Jesus give people different, even conflicting, information according to which level of faith they currently have so as to better help them on their personal faith journey toward G-d? Why should we put G-d in a box bound by His own rules for us on earth?


Have you ever had a boss at work tell you to do something and another boss tells you to not do it but do something else? Confusing when that happens.

Jesus doesn’t create confusion.

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That last statement is loaded. I don’t wish to start an apologetics debate here, but I must say if Jesus’ message is not confusing, then why have there been such diverse interpretations of it even within Christianity, let alone outside of the Christian community?


Okay, God the Father in Heaven wouldn’t let one nde believe all religions are equal and let another nde believe only one religion is the true one.

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