Do you dream about Jesus?


I was wondering if anyone here ever dreams about Jesus.

I have only had one that I can recall. The second coming had just occurred (in my dream, anyway) and many of us had gathered in a home to express our excitement that Jesus had returned, our faith was not in vain, it was all coming to fruition! Then, Jesus was there among us. I couldn’t believe it! It was like seeing a celebrity suddenly walk into the room, except way better. The feeling of disbelief that I was in the presence of the risen Lord was overwhelming. He appeared as the man he was 2,000 years ago–no glowing, otherworldly state. Just standing in the living room talking to all of us.

Anyway, I’m not a huge believer in dreams, though some have been profound. I would think that as important as my faith and belief in Jesus is, I would dream about him more. I’m not thinking there is something wrong that I don’t dream about him, it’s more of a curiosity thing.

I would love to hear back from others about their dreams of Jesus!

Peace in Christ,

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Thanks for sharing your dream!

I’ve dreamed of Him a few times, actually. I think these dreams were important, guidance for those times in my life when I needed it. They seemed different than other dreams, more special, vivid. In one dream I was looking for Jesus in a crowd of people and I spotted Him briefly, then kept losing Him again. It was a following dream, where I was searching and searching and catching only glimpses.

I also dreamed that I was in a hot country, wearing a flowing white robe and feeling, for the first time, fully at peace and unselfconscious. I walked over a dusty, golden-colored landscape to the steps of great church where I came face to face with Him, and it was the most natural, beautiful meeting. Nothing was said, it was just the feeling I remember. Peace.

May God continue to bless you, Teri!



Thank you as well! I know what you mean about the dream being vivid. I felt the same way, like I had actually met with Jesus.

Maybe he’ll send me another dream some day :slight_smile:

Peace in Christ,


I’ve never had a single dream related to any of that, unfortunately. They say that dreams mirror the true personality of a person… Well, I know I still have a long walk to go in my faith journey anyways, so it’s just another way of opening up so God can make me more humble.

Thinking of this used to depress me. Not anymore! :slight_smile:


I’ve only had a dream about Jesus once, and this was when I was a child, before I knew Him. In my dream, He was on earth - like 2000 years ago, and He was still a child. He healed a sick man. That’s all I remember… lol… it was interesting cause I didn’t know that Jesus was the Son of God yet. I just heard a bit about Him, and then had that dream. I remember it sometimes, cause it was so vivid.


I had a dream of Jesus once. It was about 5 years ago. I was having a horrible time communicating positively with my husband. In my dream, I was getting married to the most beautiful man ever. He was so happy to be marrying me that he was telling everyone. I was so happy that I was marrying this man that the happiness I experience was the most happy I have ever been in my entire life. This happiness was a lifetime happiness. This man looked like any other man in the crowd; just ordinary looking. It was modern times. We were both smiling with so much joy. Toward the end of the dream, I was telling my mom about me marrying this man, and I told her who the man was. The man I was marrying was Jesus.


Wow. That’s quite a dream. It seems like everyone I talk to has only one or two dreams that they can remember and they are described as vivid or being very emotional.

Thanks for sharing!



Most definitely not something to worry about. I don’t think that a dream about Jesus is any reflection of holiness:)

God bless!

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