Do you eat fish on friday or just Sat.- through Thurs.


I really like fish especially salmon, so if I just have it on friday then that limits me to 52 times a year and 104 times in two years and 156 in three years. Oh I forgot about lent will have to refigure. Too late it is past the hour. time for breakfast anyways…

so what do you eat for breakfast:p
fish eggs:p


For brekky,
eggs on toast
crumpets with honey

Love the fish, eat it all the time


eat fish 4-5 times a week, we usually don’t eat meat on Friday (unless I lose track of what day it is) but don’t necessarily eat fish.


Wow, you must be very smart eating all that brain food :slight_smile:

I don’t eat much fish except when visiting my parents - Dad catches his own fresh in the creek on their farm, so I’m spoiled for most anything else :wink:

Although I like other seafood - prawns, oysters, mussels … gimme gimme gimme!


I eat sushi and sashimi as often as possible. At least once a week.


I love fish for breakfast—herring steaks in hot sauce on toast, or pickled herring in sour cream sauce. I even make my own savory tuna spread with yellow mustard, hot sauce, a little butter and grated parmesan cheese-garnish with a green olive–mmmm on toast in the morning!
And I love quickie-chowder for lunch or tea—powdered milk, chicken consume powder (kosher is best), dill, tarragon, parsley, a dash of garlic, sea salt and black pepper, a dollop of butter and again with the parmesan cheese…heat in a pan with 2-3 cups of water and when it boils take it off the heat and add one can of tuna or other equivalent and about 1/2-3/4 cup of potato flakes. stir until well mixed–can eat hot or cold.
fresh fish I love Tilapia on the grill! I love sushi–altho my faves are octopus and smoked eel. ooo and I love smoked oysters on crackers for a party!
I have no problem finding a fish to eat on Fridays or a dish to celebrate Christmas Eve the Sicilian way! mmmmm Cioppino!


Of course you do!

you know dolphin and all

sigh sorry just thought it was cute! dont know if you meant it that way :smiley:

Im not Catholic but since we go for dinner semi regular on fridays have had my share of clam chowder. But I am a prairie girl and fish is a taste Im not entirely comfortable with.

however I do rather like coconut shrimp.


i just hope i dont get caught in drift nets… gulp :eek:


Last Friday I had a hamburger. :thumbsup:


You need to get your tuna from the “friendly” cans like we do.


Good for you. We don’t all have to go meatless on Fridays. In fact I have other days where I go meatless, so sometimes I pick something different that’s more difficult to do on Fridays.

Imagine if you’d gone without and offered it up - could’ve done a lot of good!


I can’t eat any seafood. :o


For breakfast I eat oatmeal with raisins and blueberries. I eat fish three of four times a week. I love salmon and try to buy the wild caught (well my wife does since she does the shopping), for the farm raised has much higher levels of mercury in them and are in ponds where they have higher levels of pesticides. Fish as you know has a lot of Omega 3 oils in them which have anti-inflamatory effects on the body and fight against heart disease. I eat Tuna a few times during one week, then eat lean roast beef, turkey or ham the other weeks. I also eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, a few nuts and whole grain bread. I also exercise at least four days a week and sound like a health nut and perhaps I am, however I enjoy a good burger too. I actually enjoy fish more than I do meat, but every so often I have to have a good burger. If I eat a hamburger it is from a fast-food place but I usually eat the ones that aren’t too large and don’t have very much fat in them. On fridays I do a penance other than fish, save Lent where I abstain from meat. I eat a low fat diet but also realize that I will also die one day, and know that taking care of my spiritual life is much more important than strictly worrying about my body.
Jesus said in Mt 16:26 "What profit would there be for one to gain the whole world and forfeit his life? Or what can one give in exchange for his life?"
Some may live to be 100 years old or older but deny Gods mercy and love. I’d rather die younger and be with Him!

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