Do you eat meat on Fridays?

Do you eat meat on Fridays? Does it matter if the Friday takes place during Lenten season or outside of Lenten season?

I do not eat meat on Fridays all year round,not just the lent season. But that is because I am in the UK.

I never eat meat on Fridays during Lent and almost never during the rest of the year.

Sometimes I forget that it is Friday:(

I don’t eat meat on Good Friday only.

I usually forget and often do. :o

church regulations for the UK is no meat on Friday full stop. Eat something else.

The only reason I don’t forget is because I have been doing it for so long. It is just built into my life. But I think if I only had to do it for lent, I would forget too. Especially if I wasn’t use to it.

I do not eat meat on Fridays during lent. Outside of Lent Is should be either obtaining from meat on Fridays or doing a corporal work of mercy…I need to be better about that!

Not during Lent. I avoid it during the year, unless that is all there is to eat due to forgetful planning. I usually keep a big ole box of fish sticks in the freezer!

No meat on Fridays year round, unless I’m invited to dinner at a friend’s house and it’s served. It doesn’t seem right to refuse or to expect something special to be made for me.
But during Lent, no meat on Fridays without exception (except last week at work when I forgot it was Friday - I’m totally claiming a senior moment on that, but I did take it to the confessional :blush:).

I don’t.

Definitely no meat on Fridays during lent. Outside of lent too, unless we’re eating out or have forgotten.

I’ve avoided meat on Fridays during Lent and will try to extend this to every Friday after the Easter Vigil.

I forgot a few weeks ago and ate a ham sandwich on a Friday when I was preparing food for my husband (who’s not a Catholic). But it’s a new thing for me. Hopefully I’ll get better at remembering. :slight_smile:

I dont eat meat on any Fridays year round.

Generally no.

Never during lent as this is the discipline of the Church here in the US.
The rest of the year I would be allowed to have meat and substitute something else for the Friday abstinence. I simply avoid meat on Friday as a matter of personal discipline for my faith.


No, I try not to eat meat on any friday.

I don’t eat meat on Fridays during Lent or on Ash Wednesday.
I avoid meat on Fridays year-round but if I forget or cannot avoid meat for some reason I perform some other act of penance that day, as allowed in the US.

I don’t eat meat on Fridays anytime, except when I’m served it as a guest or forget. I catch myself more often than I used to do when I forget.

Not during Lent.

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