Do you ever feel overwhelmed or as if you could just stop what you are doing and go to Church (knowing you can't)?

This is more of a teen question. I noticed today how hard it is to be a Catholic in our society. I was with my teammates on a bus today and all the kids talked about was either drugs/alcohol, sex, or money. I know not everyone is like this but at this moment that was the only thing I heard. No one talks about chastity, charity, or faith. Then later on, when I was in the car, the radio was on (not Relevant Radio) and on this station all they could talk about were men who secretly cheat on their wives/girlfriends with other men. The next station was merely gossip about celebrities. It seems that our society is focused on everything that is meaningless and not eternal. It is hard enough to be a faithful/trying Catholic, let alone to change something in the world. I have even been on a protestant church trip and there, people chose to loose their virginity, I am not saying that all Catholic children are innocent, I am just surprised. How do you keep your faith without isolating yourself from the world?

Does anyone else just feel tempted to give up in the middle of the day and go to God or just be away from the world? How do you get through this?

I’m not a teen, but know that we all face the same issues. We are “in the world but not of the world” and that’s a hard place to be. It’s really no different from the time of Christ (except for technology). We are surrounded by sin, and by people who brag about their sin. Read the Gospels and see what you learn. Find a good commentary and read that as you read the scripture. You can get the commentary free on the USCCB Web site. Find a LifeTeen group and get involved with them. Never give up on your walk with God. He loves you and is so pleased when you resist the temptation to be like everyone else. You are not alone.

Yes!!! All the time. I imagine I’m in a cathedral… either one in Albany or St. Patrick’s.

It is really hard. And then if you can ignore them or say something, then you have to try not to feel better than them. It’s so frustrating!!! (I’m 17 BTW, and a girl.)

I was at St Pat’s this summer and bought a mini pocket rosary, and whenever I feel like that during the school year I’m just going to hold it in my hand, or nonchalantly pray, right in the middle of class if I have to. (not move my lips or anything, which would be sooo creepy to people around me.)

Our Blessed Mother will make you feel so much better! Really. I learned that the hard way when I was at a camp this summer, and we had to write bills and play a mock legislative session. My bill was about counting Slavs on the census, since they’re the only racial group recieving no gov’t funds for cultural stuff (another story for another time…). But in short people stood up during the READING of the bill, not even during debate, and I finally stood up and said, can we please hear it first? Then they said the most terrible things about me, horrible hurtful things, including that I’m opening a pandora’s box and acting like Hitler :eek::eek::eek:. In short I just sat there for about fifteen minutes after silently sobbing, and I couldn’t even stop. I happened to have the Rosary in my bag, so I pulled it out and just squeezed it for the next hour or more, until the end of the session. I wasn’t able to even think the words of the prayers, I just sat there holding it in my lap. It was like Mary was giving me a shoulder to cry on; I can’t even describe how comforting it was.

And although that story is quite traumatic I know there will be other times in my life when I’ll need that extra love. It sounds like you really need some comfort time to time… I’d say somehow get your hands on a little beaded rosary, or just use a big one, if you’re a guy with larger pockets :). If you mean it (when you’re praying) it really helps. If you’re on the bus, put in your earbuds so nobody will interrupt you.

Best of luck! You’re not alone out there

Drugs and sex were a lot funnier to talk about when no one was actually doing it.

Anyway. I never really felt tempted to do what the other kids were doing. But I’m warning you, I’ve grown into a very bitter person nowadays.

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