Do you ever get this feeling after Reconciliation?

I’m just wondering if anyone, after reconciliation felt extreme happiness and a feeling of cleansing. I remember coming out of Church confessed my sin, it was sunny, slight breeze. I felt happy and thankful of God’s Mercy, gave thanks then departed. I want to know if anyone has ever felt this happiness or being at peace after confession knowing the sin is no more?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Me too :smiley:


I also hate to be a downer but sometimes I also feel unforgiven, confused, cold, seperated, and like nothing has changed.


I love the feeling I have after confession but oftentimes I’ve also been given a lot to think about and its not all ducks and bunnies. I’m ALWAYS grateful for God’s forgiveness though.

Yes!! :extrahappy:

Sometimes I have to be careful not to be too exhuberant after Confession. And random people (friends) have noticed sometimes and asked me why I was so cheerful today or similar remarks. :smiley:

Of course, that is not always the case…but when it happens, I take these feelings as gifts of the Lord :slight_smile: Like when a husband gives his wife a flower, or a dad gives his child a candy - tokens to further express in a tangible way the intangible and superabundant love in his heart :slight_smile:

Different souls are sanctified in different ways :slight_smile: But I think feelings are not that important. It is just interesting when a peculiar feeling follows after an infusion of sacramental grace without any other particular reason.

I’m so glad you posted this. I feel this way sometimes and have to shake the feeling that I’ve done something wrong. Often I feel like I am walking on air…not always.

Oh, it’s always ducks and bunnies. It’s just that sometimes the ducks are quacking way too loud and the bunnies are pooping all over the place (I’ve had lot’s of different pets). :wink:

Yes! After my first confession after being away from the Church for a long while, I felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders and cried for joy!



I’ve felt both ways. Sometimes it’s wonderful, sometimes it feels like an empty experience. Kind of like, “That’s it? I went through all that inner turmoil, and that’s all there is to it?”


I remind myself that it’s sort of similar to the “retreat high” that people would get. It’s nice to get a good, happy feeling when you’ve done something with God, like Confession. But someone put it to me this way: you don’t expect your parents to give you a puppy every time that you see them, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sometimes colors even seem brighter :slight_smile:

hahaha yup had that before too :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s great to hear all these answers. It’s interesting that God has such an emphasis of joy for everyone!

I think a great deal of the experience relies on the priest.

I couldn’t possibly agree more with you on_the_hill, I confessed to this Franciscan priest who was that kind and good hearted. It was nice to just talk to him.

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