Do you ever get this uncomfortable feeling in your heart?


I have observed that whenever I commit a grave sin, somehow I feel something in my heart, literally, around that area of the chest where the heart is located. The heart seems heavy. And it is only after confession that that area seems to be relieved of the weight. Have you ever experienced this? Can this be explained scientifically?


Sometimes I can feel a change “in my soul” when I commit a mortal sin, and then afterwards when I go to Confession.

But I don’t really experience anything physically. I think it is possible though… sorry I don’t have any ideas!


“Wesley” Yeah, I think I know what you’re talking about. I feel “heavy hearted” too, when I have committed ANY sin.

I think it is our human conscience, which causes it. As to whether or not… it can proved, scientifically… well, I really don’t know! :smiley: But then again, “Science” hasn’t been able to prove MANY things; especially those things which concern God.

May He bless you! :slight_smile:


It is perhaps a physical manifestation of guilt. God sometimes allows us to physically feel what spiritual state we are in. For example, the heart being in a pain, the body suddenly becoming cold, or a hunger that no food can satisfy.


Hello! When I sometimes get that feeling something alway’s happens and i know why i got it. Did that ever happen to you? Or you may be just thinking the wrong way and get it. It could be called conviction or worry or even built in fear that means realy nothing except you think to much. You are Loved Nancy:thumbsup:


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