Do you ever get tired of being called a bigot?

I’m called a bigot because I’m against gay marriage. I’m called a bigot because I defend the truth as I see it that the Catholic Church is the one true church. I’m called a bigot because I disagree with a non-white politician. When does all the name calling end? Has the term bigot completely been politicized in our day and age?

Basically, bigot is political code for "if you don’t agree with me then . . . ", this is especially true for liberals/secularists (and certain Christian conservatives as well). Take it in stride but be vocal (in a gentle manner) about why you believe what you believe. There will always be resistance to the truth, especially when lies are dressed up in sympathetic garb.

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I’ve been called a bigot many times by people who apparently don’t even know the meaning of the word. And I really don’t care.

BIGOT: one obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion.

I am never tired of being called a bigot. If the shoe fits wear it. I am a size 8 1/2 W bigot. I obstinately refuse to tolerate error as defined by the Church.

***Check out the history of the word–very interesting.

I will say that bigot has come to mean something very extreme. If you are intolerant of other’s views, then the word would fit…but mere polite disagreement with people seems to cause them to shout the word…“bigot!”

Maybe it just comes down to buying these people a dictionary. :D***

I may have misunderstood this part but if you disagree with non whites being politicians then you are a bigot.

If however (as you probably did) mean that you disagree with a particular non white politicians policies then everything you’ve said is perfectly reasonable, I hold the same views you do, but nobody has yet called me bigoted to my face.

Actually I have never been called a bigot. I have been called a lot of things, but never a bigot that I can remember.

Waits for someone to call him a bigot

Does this mean I am not outspoken enough about my beliefs? :hmmm:

God bless

One morning I over-slept, and so had to run to work without any breakfast, and without taking any lunch with me. Come lunch time I was very hungry. In order to get something to eat, I would have to walk through downtown Greensboro NC, where I was working then. Now at that time downtown Greensboro was full of panhandlers, and I’m a real sucker for panhandlers. But I only had 5 dollars in my pocket, and I knew that if I ran into the usual number of panhandlers, and tried to be generous to all, I would get nothing to eat myself.
So, one panhandler got a dollar, and the rest I lied too and told them I had no money.
On what basis did I prefer one panhandler over another?
My choice was completely arbitrary ! It amounted to, "ennie , meenie, minnie mooh ".

My point is ? the fact is we are obliged to practice a thousand little discriminations every day, and usually using quite arbitrary criteria.

I just love it when folks draw the distinction , " your discrimination is evil, because it involves judging one using criteria that the individual has no control over. But my discrimination is ok, even positive, because it is based in judging one only for actions and behavior. "

Lately I have been having a good laugh over that one, because now Homosexuals are claiming they were born that way, so now they are using this same argument against the same people who used it, :smiley: The people who used that logic / defense should have seen that one coming. :smiley:

I’m a monarchist, I believe in the divine right of kings, I believe that, in general, it is NOT my, your, or our , place to say. I think a WHOLE LOT of things should NOT be subject to ANY vote. So I’m the biggest bigot here. :smiley:

You folks shouldn’t sweat it, you have it easy. :smiley:

I’ve never personally been called a bigot, but if I were, I think I’d take a good bit of exception to it. I don’t completely understand where someone gets off calling someone a bigot just because they disagree. According to Jeananne Garrafalo, because I’m white and conservative and religious I’m also racist. I couldn’t have won the Miss America pageant (paritally because I’m a dude and I don’t think many people would like to see my unshaven legs in an evening gown) but because I have the gall to say that I’m not for gay marriage. I happened to flip on the TV when that poor girl was asked that question, and as soon as she answered I said to my wife, “she just lost.” Not only that, the guy who asked her had to trash her on his website, too. I suppose that if being a conservative Catholic Christian who can’t help being white makes me racist or a bigot, I’ll just have to learn to live with it.

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Thanks for the link. Very interesting.

Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. We’ll have been married 23 years in August. Time flies when you’re still in love. :heart:

You lost me, too. :confused:

I know you didn’t, it was just a figure of speech, however, I am still confused.

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