Do you ever get tired?

Tired of religion?

I instinctively feel that what Im feeling is wrong, but I feel close to just not bothering any more.

There is so much arguement, so much confusing information, so much that no matter how hard a certain church or belief argues a point, its still only a matter of intepretation, so much misrepresentation of the facts, so much vitriol between certain christian churchs, so much deceit and politics and immorality on all sides and much more.

Im tired. Really tired. Honestly tired and worn out with it all.

I dont know what to think or what to do next for the best anymore.

Sometimes I think why have I started RCIA. I already believe in and know God exists.

Isnt that enough?

Do you ever feel like that? Or is it just me?

Why do you sense trouble brewing?

To find faith, you must look inwardly. You are experiencing chaos because you are looking outwardly. God resides inside of you.

You need to pray more often, and more deeply. “Be still and know I am God”.

I do not believe RCIA is for seekers. You should make up your mind prior to taking the class. You are not in the mode to receive the information.

Thanks. Maybe youre right. Maybe I need to stop reading so much now and just pray more.

But I have a feeling that wont stop the questions coming.

Yes I believe that is a good start. Why become a member of a church? As a non-member you can still support a church by making donations, and you can avoid all of the hen house arguments.

I felt like that a couple of times, when I was on my way back to the Church. Whenever I’m particularly troubled (for whatever reason) I sometimes find some place outside all alone and just tell God all about it. Not like He doesn’t know already, but I find He answers me (in my heart, not out loud!).

But it is worth it. Coming to know God is worth it–and that is what learning about the teachings of the Church is all about. It’s learning about how God has revealed Himself to us.

And remember that if we (meaning human beings) weren’t vitriolic, deceitful, political, and immoral, we wouldn’t need Christ. Maybe if I were faced with the temptation of political power (or any other sort of power, really) I would be no better. So I can only be sorry for the sins I do commit and be thankful that I am not tempted to worse.

Best wishes!


All the time :slight_smile: I often wonder whether we realise how ridiculous we are to make so much of trivia, & and so little of things that are far more important. When all this religion stuff has the bad effects you’ve mentioned, that is a sign that it isn’t as wonderful as people insist it is.

STM you need to relax, and not worry - you sound exhausted :frowning:

When I hear friends going through RCIA, I often find myself thinking "Honestly, when the rule book(Roman Catholic Catecism) is bigger then the Bible that has to make you question if that is what God would really want. I think that Jesus summed it up simply for us with Matthew 22:37-40.

He said to him, ‘ “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.” This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: “You shall love your neighbour as yourself.” On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.’

Man overly complicates things not God.

God Bless!

Don’t worry, the apostles got tired of religion as well. I’m sure there were many times when they wished Jesus would just “play it cool” and not rock the boat. Heck, they couldn’t stay awake and pray with Jesus before He was arrested nor did they stand by Him at His crucifixion. Sounds like a group of people who were pretty tired of this whole religion thing doesn’t it?

Some of the greatest saints had moments of crisis. So you’re in good company.

don’t be afraid to ask questions

i was born a Catholic and raised a Catholic and all my education have been in Catholic schools. but once in my life i found myself doubting and i started questioning my faith and God’s role in my life. but because of this experience is how i discovered God and the truth about my faith and the truth about God.

since you already acknowledge God, its time to ask Him to provide you guidance. and believe and trust in His will.


God Bless!

Yes, I do feel this way sometimes. Luckily, God never gets tired of us - even in our constant sin, repeating the same errors time after time. Fickleness is a characteristic of man, not of God. Spiritual dryness is common and sometimes brings us to greater depths of connection with Him if we are willing to wait it out and keep striving. I sometimes feel tired of going to work, but I know that if I do not I will not have the money to live and eat, etc. Same with God and religion, if I do not report to work, so to speak, I will not be fed spiritually or live.
Plus, I know that in a time of crisis, I will never feel too tired of religion to call on God’s mercy.

Friend Guyonthestreet,

I “get tired” of the bickering and the constant misunderstanding between those who claim to follow the Risen One. I too “get tired” of the mis-statements of others belief…the generalizations the constant need to “tear down” anothers beliefs because we feel OUR belief…our church…our faith…our sacraments…our disipline is the epitomy of Truth…I’m sure without a doubt I fall into it as well.

Then I turn to the Quiet…I turn to the Silence and I hear that Voice that tells me “There is One, even Christ Jesus that can speak to thy condition.”…and all is well again.

The answers aren’t found in a book or a creed…and certainly not on this board…they are found in only One Place. We may never be able to articulate in finite words and failing sentences and phrases the Depth of the Spirit. We can simply turn again and again to the One who tells us to come to him and take up the “burden” and “yoke” that he offers. In the Silence I “hear” the Words that tell me my neighbor wears the face of Christ…the Stranger in need of a kind word, a gentle touch, a loving reminder that we are in this together, no matter how desparately we seek separation from one another, we simply cannot be separated…we are part of this One Body…One Spirit…one Faith that calls us to wholeness.

If RCIA answers that need and longing and points you to Him, then rest in that…trust your decisions…pray for those around you and accept their prayers for you in gratitude. You’ll only find Rest in the One who Himself is “the Sabbath Rest” prepared for us. Trust your decisions…trust yourself. God desires us to be His friend…and like any good friend who loves us…He overlooks our faults and shortcomings…because we are loved by Him with an Everlasting Love…He is our True Guide and Teacher…the answers to our questions are found in Him. I know my view may be “simplistic”…but then…I’m pretty simple.:slight_smile:

Quite to the contrary, RCIA is for seekers, methinks. We have had people in our RCIA program two years in a row, still seeking.

Making donations. Hmmm. Why bother making donations to a church when one can make donations directly to those in need? Why bother with religion at all? :rolleyes:

Perhaps. But certainly we can attempt to further define ***how ***to love God and our neighbors, no?

Of course it gets tiring and difficult. I would be surprised if people never had troubles in their spiritual development. That’s not the reason to give up. So many saints struggled during different periods of their lives. But God never abandons us, never. Just pray and chill out a bit, don’t try to force things. It will happen, just don’t lose faith.

Plus, even if you were to give up and decide these things are just not worth your efforts, I am convinced you would not be able to forget. God doesn’t let us, He keeps knocking on our door very gently but persistently.

I’ve given myself a beasting for malingering, and regrouped :smiley:

Thanks for the uplift everyone.

The devil exists too. If he sees you possibly on your way to joining Christ’s church, he’ll throw a few spanners in the works, including a sense of futility.

Ask yourself whether this sense of futility entirely origninates with you, and then, if possible, see what happens to your train of thought whenever the issue of “churches” comes up. I think you might find your mind is being sidetracked.

Well, I went on a silent retreat last week at a roman catholic monastery, and made a donation to them. The monastery offers hospitality to everyone, not only catholics. This is an important service that they provide. Catholics also have built hospitals and schools, and soup kitchens for the poor.

Donations keep these projects running. There is nothing wrong with giving to those in need. That is a good thing to do when you can.

Interesting. Anyways, Ive regrouped and am back on track. Well, best as I can be anyhows.

When I first became a Christian, I used to be bothered by a phenomenon known as “stray thoughts”. They could be blasphemous eg. “F___ off, God”. For a scrupulous Christian, this could of course be a bit disconcerting, particularly when you knew you weren’t even thinking along that line.

I remember talking to another new Christian, a fairly stolid bloke whom I think became a cop later. He remarked that until he became a Christian, he was never even bothered by “stray thoughts”.

When a thought about the futility of churches or anything remotely Christian pops into your head, examine it and see whether it flowed logically from previous thoughts, or if it just came from nowhere.

In one way I suppose my experiene was a bit similar, except that I went through a period of intense frustration about a year after I became a Christian. That was when I experienced my first “double whammy”, which is like a breath going through you in waves from head to foot, very pronounced, clearly imposed upon you, and used to highlight someone else’s words being spoken at the same time.

It might happen to you too. You never know. But if it does, it will be completely unexpected.

The simplest statements can have the deepest, most complex meanings.

What does it mean to love your neighbor as yourself? Fully explain this comandment without using more words than God used - 7.

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