Do you ever go elsewhere for the Easter and Christmas Vigil Masses?

Do you ever go elsewhere for the Easter and Christmas Vigil Masses, other than your home parish? I was confirmed as an adult in the year 2000 at the Easter Vigil Mass. The Mass was hideous. I gave it a go the following year and just said “no more.”

Sunday Masses were bad, but the two truly great Masses of the year were absolutely horrible, rife with irregularities and abuses. The following year I made a “pilgrimage” of sorts to a cathedral about 200 miles away for Holy Thursday Mass, Good Friday Services and Easter Vigil Mass. It was very nice – almost a touch overwhelming in a good way.

I have gone every year except for one when I had injured my ankle. Our Sunday Masses had improved by then but the Easter Vigil Mass was still abominably celebrated. It saddens me that the two biggest days in each Church year are treated with such disrespect at my parish.

Does anyone else here face this? What has been your solution? Thanks.

How would you cope if you had no choice, or , Mass was outside, or it was 40c , Mass was in the ruins of a war torn Church with no Artifacts…

I have a great charity, it helps fund Priests who celebrate Mass on rickity tables , held outside under shady trees. They even bicycle between Churches. A series of Gregorian Masses is a great celebration gift for their work.

Wow. Pretty judgemental.

If you find mass to be “hideous” and “abominable” maybe it is because you are focusing on the wrong things. Irregularities, abuses? Stop already.

Is receiving Christ Jesus in the Eucharist hideous? No.
Then nothing else should be given as much importance as you continually give it.

I know many who do go elsewhere for Easter Vigil Masses, and I have in the past. .

As for the disrespect you encounter, there is nothing you can do about what anyone else does or doesn’t do. Try to make reparation for it by increasing your own fervor and devotion in assisting at the Holy Sacrifice.

Obviously, I have to be at my own parish for those Masses.

When I was younger, my family used to go back to our family parish, where my great-grandparents were members, and where I made my own First Communion. We moved when I was a teenager, but within a relatively short driving distance. We always went back to our original parish for Christmas Midnight Mass and for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil.

As a priest today, I see many relatives of parishioners who come back to visit relatives at holiday time, as well as parishioners who go somewhere else for the same reasons.

I go to the Cathedral for Christmas Eve and Easter (unless I’m visiting my parents, then I attend their parish)

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