Do you ever listen to Protestant talk radio?

I’m thrilled that I have located the station for Relevant Radio down here in the Tampa area–but, it fades after I hit a certain section of the highway on my way to work in the mornings. So, I listen to Charles Stanley on a local Protestant channel for the remaining portion of the drive…I have always liked him…his personality…his message. He at times will talk (negatively) about ‘certain denominations,’ and I know he is referring to Catholics…at those times, I click him off. But, 99% of the time, he is just speaking about modern day cares and concerns, and how to relate them to centering our lives around Christ. I just wonder though–do any Catholics on here listen to Protestant radio? Do you think there’s anything wrong with that? I don’t–I will never sway my faith. But, I have a Catholic friend who refuses to read or listen to anything non-Catholic, when it comes to faith-talk.

I love Protestant talk radio. But they’re Protestants! you might complain. All right, but most of what they talk about is or should just as fervently be held by Catholics. I mean, the Protestants talk about being careful of what children watch, what they are influenced by, the secularization of culture, how Christians need to act like Christians, how Christians need to read their Bibles, etc. I’ve found Protestant talk radio to be very mature in its message. Ok, maybe the Protestant understanding of the Gospel is a bit different–the whole “born again,” “justification by faith alone,” deal–but all in all it’s a lot better listening to than many other talk radio shows which just contain constant arguing.

It’s Christo-centric, too, which can’t hurt for the Catholic!

We have to be careful what we listen to, because what we listen to changes us at a very deep level. We human beings are social creatures, and one of our built-in mechanisms to keep our society going is a mechanism that causes us to not want to disagree with other people without a very good reason - we are wired to please others, rather than offend them.

That’s why we must associate with and listen to those who believe and teach the things that we want to believe, and who live the kind of life that we want to live. If we put too much other stuff into our heads, then, even without consciously wanting to, we can end up becoming like those other people.

But, I have a Catholic friend who refuses to read or listen to anything non-Catholic, when it comes to faith-talk.

I’m on your friend’s side. I don’t deliberately expose myself to anything or anyone that can cause me to lose my faith - I already encounter enough of this kind of thing by accident.

Plus, I’m kind of lazy - I don’t want to always be going to the effort of picking the wheat from the chaff, or trying to figure out which parts we Catholics agree with, and which parts are heretical. :shrug:

I live in Brother Jimmy Swaggertland. He’s still on the air here and he hasn’t changed his song one bit. I often ask myself why there is not a Catholic radio station in south Louisiana where a significant majority of us are Catholic.

Never, that brings about my radio scan reflex like country or rap music.

But, take Relevant Radio for example, much of what they present on their talk shows seems to be 90%+ the same, at least topic wise, just phrased a bit differently and a different top authority at times.

The main differences are of course the parts that I usually try to listen to when in RR range, Rosary at 9pm and mass (daily or Sundays).

Beause no one has made any effort to start one up? :shrug:

I have a friend who pays $100.00 a week of his own money plus whatever he can pick up in donations to air an hour of Catholic radio every Saturday evening. It’s not much, but it’s a start - and there are lots of listeners. :slight_smile:

I agree to an extent with you jmcrae–I will say we have to be careful what we listen to–you be right.:slight_smile: But, honestly, his program is pretty innocuous, with the exception of his ‘doctrine’ lectures, where he doesn’t condemn particular denominations, but you get the sense that he is speaking of Catholics, with what he eludes to (I am speaking of Charles Stanley)

Interesting replies–I have to go, but will check in tomorrow…God bless, my friends.:slight_smile:

Nope. Several years ago I heard a blatantly anti-Catholic (and completely false) statement made by a local Christian radio DJ during her evening rush-hour show and haven’t gone back since. No need; we have two Catholic AM stations in the area, plus I have Sirius satellite radio which gives me another two Catholic stations.

jen–hi! please tell me what these stations are…I have XM radio…similar to sirius…and can’t find anything catholic…unless i’m tuning the programming wrong???:blush:

You’re doing nothing wrong. With a couple brief exceptions, such as coverage of the death of John Paul II, XM carries no Catholic content at all. I trust this will change if the merger with Sirius is approved, but that’s no slam-dunk.

People to pester to change this:
Eric Logan - (Executive VP of Programming)
Kevin Straley - (Senior VP for Talk Programming)

Former XM employee (so do tune into Tampa traffic and weather on XM 228),

hey thank you for this info. I really like XM but miss Catholic radio…again, I found RR, but it cuts out halfway during my trip.:frowning:

No. I never listen to Protestant Radio. We are blessed with a wonderful Catholic Radio Station here in Jacksonville. WQOP(Queen of Peace Radio 1600 A.M.). Believe me, there are ALOT of Baptists, Evangelicals & Non-Denominationals around this part of Florida, so we Catholics are fortunate to have Catholic radio! I can pick it up fine at home during the day, but not at night, which is okay because I never listen to radio at night. In the car, if I drive through some fuzzy areas, & can’t pick it up, I just play a C.D. or listen to a music station. Protestant radio is not something I care to listen to. That’s my:twocents: . :slight_smile:

Back in the day before we had Catholic radio here, I used to tune in now and then. But I haven’t listened to that in years.

Brother, I am really surprised that there is no Catholic Radio there in the New Orleans area.:confused:

Focus on the Family with Dr. James Dobson!!!

He’s one of my heroes!

Gee, I thought I was the only catholic who listened to Charles Stanley. :o I used to listen to him on my morning commute. Then another guy who did a bible study program around lunch time on my way to an adoration chapel! I didn’t have catholic radio at the time, so I didn’t have much of a choice. There was a third guy I listened to as well until he said he walked into a church where the people put Mary on a cruxifix. I stopped listening to him after that because I figured he was lieing and trying to scare people away from the Catholic Church.:shrug:

We have some Protestant services broadcast on the AM dial where I live and I occasionally listen to the sermon. There’s a Church of the Nazarene minister who is pretty good, a Baptist who is all emotion and no reason, and a Church of Christ minister who tends to quote the Old Testament more than the New.

I don’t make enough to afford XM since I’m not in the car that much.

Yep, when I was choosing satellite services, Sirius got the edge over XM because of the EWTN channel. Then to my great delight, after several months of using the service, Sirius added the Catholic Channel. I also love the music channels. My daily commute is 30 min. each way, so the satellite service has been well worth it. :thumbsup:

I listen to him–but sometimes, but I miss my priests on the radio.

I have listened to it on occasion but I don’t normally. I used to listen to secular political talk radio (Sean Hannity etc.) but don’t listen to that hardly at all anymore. Actually, I can hardly stand it anymore. I find it devisive and I find many of those conservative talk-show hosts are fiscally conservative but not morally conservative. As far as Protestant radio, I have listened to Doctor James Dobson on occcasion becuase he talks about practical stuff (family issues etc.) but I am not likely to listen to a Protestant program on theology or the Bible. They interpret things differently.
Nowdays, I mostly listen to music. The only talk radio for me is Father John Corapi, Catholic Answers, and a few others on Catholic radio. It’s where the truths at.

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