Do you ever obsess over movies?

This may be kind of weird, but Im sure there are other people who know what Im talking about.

Have you ever enjoyed a movie so much that you become almost obsessed with it, or a particular character in it? Like for example you start thinking that the movie was real and that you feel so drawn to a character that you want to be that character or be part of his/her life?

Or do you ever feel so attached to the story that you never get bored watching it?

Im not going to name the movies that have made me feel this way because Id be too embarrassed :o :). But its like sometimes you can’t get it out of your head, especially when you are feeling hopeless or lonely or whatever, and you feel that either the character or movie provides you with something that you are longing for, or in some way it gives you a boost or inspiration. You even “gloss over” some of the plotholes in the film or justify in your head the certain flaws you noticed, so it keeps the impression that the film was almost real in your mind. I also think that its because I have really related to a particular character or the situation (s)he is in.

I think that deep down you know that its not real and the real life actors/actresses are not anything like the charaters they played etc.

I think that feeling like this may be a symptom of loneliness and one’s longing for the love and consolation God and also the feeling of belonging.

Sorry, for the weirdness of this post, but I guess I just had to put it out there! :cool:

Happy Watching! :wink:

When I was younger it happened. As a child, I loved 101 Dalmatians so much that my parents bought me the storybook and I memorized it. When I had crushes on actors, I would watch movies over and over. Something which I believe is normal, but not very mature, and hopefully, most people grow out of it. Obsession of any kind usually is a result of a real or perceived lacking of something in reality. Learning to live within reality is probably healthier than constantly immersing oneself in fantasy. Just my opinion.

I think that someone might need to find a hobby or other outlet if they spent much too time daydreaming about a movie they saw. Of course, that is probably why some people starting writing fan novels for Star Trek and things like it. They could not get the ideas out of their heads for how they would like a certain character’s “life” to continue. At least they found a positive creative outlet for the musings.

I have had this happen to me…yes. Somewhere in Time–with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve left me feeling that way–like this lingering romantic feeling 24/7…it would be nice if real life was this way. I also have this happen though with scary movies, like The Ring–it took nearly two months to rid myself of that horrible movie’s creepy images!!!:frowning:

I know what you’re talking about except in my case it’s a game rather than a movie (y halo thar Gyakuten Saiban).

No . . . but I know waaay too much about the characters in Star Trek: Next Generation. :o

Never with a movie, but books . . .

There are 3 or 4 that I could live in and be perfectly happy. And they last a whole lot longer than a movie too. :thumbsup: :smiley:

I don’t want to sound like some kind of intellectual type, cause I’am not. But I still enjoy watching Orson Welles in Citizen Cane every once in a while.

Charles Foster Cane will always be one of my favorite characters. Not exactly the type of uplifting character MH84 describes, but still very human stuff.


Not so much with movies (well, maybe Batman Begins), but definitely moreso with TV shows.

Anne of Green Gables does this to me. Ohhh, how I love her life and her Gilbert.:blush:

I can pretty much watch Rocky IV, High Fidelity, Anchorman or The Godfather II at anytime.

When I was young I watched the Breakfast Club more times than I care to mention, and pretty much memorized the whole movie. Don`t know if I was obsessed but just thought it was a really good movie. I also watched Making The Grade many times too.

When I was little, when the show was airing, I was secretly obsessed with it. I would imagine the characters taking the places of characters in other movies and shows, like Romancing the Stone, or Star Wars, or whatever. The most embarrassing was when I was watching the Olympics and imagined a story where Riker and Crusher had to ice skate on an alien planet and win the competition to free hostages :whacky:

I’ve never obsessed about a movie, but I do it with tv shows, so I know what you mean. Star Trek TNG was the first, then X-Files, now Farscape. I’ll rewatch episodes over and over to learn every line of dialogue, notice every expression and nuance of the characters. I think it’s weird, but DH thinks its adorable, luckily :shrug: :smiley:

I try to enjoy a movie for what it is…a movie. I “think” about some but don’t obsess over them.

Well, there’s a movie that I love very much, a japanese movie (Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu). The story is more of fantasy, but I love the family in the movie… I heard Jennifer Garner is making the US version…

I never get bored watching it over and over again. I love the soundtrack

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