Do you ever read papal encyclicals?


What are ones you recommend? Best one from Pope Francis for instance. Are there any “must reads”? (as in helped you a lot in your faith journey)
I’d like to get in the habit of reading them more often. I think they can guide us in our daily lives, keep us on the straight and narrow. :slight_smile:


Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium .

Take your pick …


Fides et Ratio by John Paul II is always a good one dealing with logic/science and faith, an understanding of which is always in demand in our modern world.

Also Rerum Novarum by Leo XIII, Quadragessimo Anno by Pius XI, and Centessimus Annus by John Paul II. These three are the major basis for modern Catholic understanding of capitalism, socialism, communism, the rights of workers, the ability to own property, and the responsibilities related to these things. They are the progression from 1891 to 1931 to 1991 and reflect how the world has progressed (or regressed) with regards to these subjects over time.


JP2 Veritatis Splendor for understanding the basic principles of ethics and intrinsic evil.


I read a ton a long time ago (pretty much every single one in English on or the Vatican website lol)

As for must reads, it depends what you’re interested in at the moment. They’re not really meant to be general spiritual or even catechetical reading. They are good if you want to go in depth about a particular topic or to see how the Church applied certain principles in certain time periods.


Read major portions of this in Theology class this year. Would recommend.


No because I am not clever enough to understand them.



Paul VI was truly prophetic in Humanae Vitae:


Normally don’t.


I often hear them dissected and explained on Catholic radio. My eyes are far from what they used to be, even with glasses.


I have read salvifici doloris by Pope John Paul II. I was interested in the Christian meaning of human suffering.
I think it is a major work of his, no?


I’ve tried, but I can’t find any printed versions in my local library and reading long documents on the computer hurts my eyes.

In the future when I have money, I plan on ordering whatever I can get in book form.

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