Do you ever watch EWTN

I’d never watched it until this morning, but I was in the hospital, and of course the only thing you can do is watch tv, and so I was flipping through the channels, and I came across it, so I started watching it. Do you ever watch it?

Yeah I like Life on the Rock

There is a good series on EWTN about G.K. Chesterton. It is called “The Apostle of Common Sense.” It comes on Sunday evenings and repeats one day during the week.

Yeah, I watch and get scorned for not doing drugs and alcohol and other things like other kids my age, by soon not-to-be peers. It’s amazing how fast and effectively God strips men of their Authority :p!!!

all the time,mostly background noise.tonight is some good stuff,5:00 pm faith and culture,after that the Catholic Epistles.

Yes,it has a wide variety and makes a point of being faithful to Church teachings.

Very recently discovered, and LOVE it!!

There are so many wonderful programs on EWTN. Just a few:

The Journey Home (My personal favorite)
Life on the Rock
The World Over

I wish I could watch it, but I do not have cable.

I do get some EWTN radio shows while driving my car on my local Catholic radio station. They are very good!

I don’t have adequate technology to get EWTN on my computer satisfactorily.

Watch it on my computer when I can.
I used to have it on my TV, but had to ditch it in compromise (as I suggested other channels leave our cable to save some money)

At least it streams well on the computer.


My personal favorite is to pray the Rosary with Mother Angelica and the Nuns of Our lady of the Angels. :signofcross:

Yes, it is my go-to channel for the last 10 years. My fav is Marcus Grodi’s THE JOURNEY HOME. Watch it every Monday night. There are so many programs that I enjoy: Father Groschel, Father Pacwa, The Dominician Monk, and the other priest who did a series on the Sacraments, and Catholicism in the U.S. And the CATHOLICISM series is great and beautiful. And I like the world news by Mr. Raymond Arroyro too. Always something new to learn.

A friend recently converted due, in part, to what she learned by watching EWTN.

Yep! Mainly to watch the daily mass from Our Lady of the Angels Church. I have to keep most of my religious enthusiasm at bay… what with living with two Protestant parents and all.:o

YES!! It’s my favorite channel. My favorite program is Mother Angelica Live (which is not live anymore b/c they are reruns). But it is an hour long show where she teaches from the Bible and takes calls from callers towards the end of the show. She is very funny and tells it like it is! I also enjoy praying the Rosary with Mother Angelica and her nuns. I like to watch Mass, mainly to hear the Homily–to hear what the different priest have to say about the daily Gospel readings. I also enjoy “Women of Grace” (my son calls it the Catholic “Oprah Show”). My husband likes GK Chesterton. Oh, and I like the program with Father Mitch Pacwa, where he discusses the writings/teachings of John Paul II (I can’t think of the name of the show right now). The Journey Home is good too (about converts and reverts finding their way to the Catholic Church). Can you tell I like the channel?! :thumbsup:

In the last couple of months it has shown up on Roku. If you have a high speed internet connection it is a little box ($50 or so from Best Buy or similar place; one time cost, do not have to pay anything after that) that you hook up to your TV. Then you can watch EWTN live, or watch an archive of some of their more popular shows. Don’t have to have cable, direct tv or dish tv, etc. to watch it.

Yes! I love Daily Mass, Mother Angelica Live, and the various devotions and special Masses they broadcast.

I don’t watch TV much, though, so I only catch it occasionally.

I watch EWTN almost daily whether it be TV or streaming through a computer. Love the daily Mass.

I watch it whenever there’s something on that interests me, although I listen to EWTN radio a lot more. The rest of the family is not as into it as I am, but they don’t complain too much when I turn it on. One positive side-effect of watching it is that we have huge problems getting our 21-year-old son to go to bed at a decent hour. I’ve found that if I turn on EWTN, he generally goes straight to his room, lol.

Totally agree. I LOVE The Journey Home. I found it when I was first considering converting to Catholicism and I learned so much listening to others’ journey Home.

Also adore The World Over. It’s so nice to have news that doesn’t focus on blood, gore and sex. Plus the news is actually the news, not who won American Idol or Iron Chef the night before. So many news shows are such a waste of time.

I enjoy watching Fr Mitch Pacwa and Fr Bernard Groeschel particularly and Women of Grace is often very helpful in dealing with current culture.


Yes, I watch it almost every day.

My only complaint is I usually fall asleep during the rosary with Mother Angelica. Then I try to watch it at 3:30 pm and they pray it so fast, that I get really irritated and want to scream “Where’s the fire?”.

Otherwise, I love it and would sacrifice almost anything to keep my cable!

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