Do you ever watch EWTN

I try to catch Crossing the Goal and Life on the Rock.

Yes! Cable and satellite were getting too expensive so we got a Roku box and I figured I’d just get EWTN shows on radio, podcast, or computer. Suprise, there were streaming TV and radio, and also some back recorded shows such as the World Over. Hooray!!

Mother Angelica that leads the rosary is a real sweetheart. When I was a teenager a radio station I listened to would sign-off with the rosary. I learned it better than most of my Catholic friends.
I have several Catholic associates, it blows their minds when I quote the rosary. My favorite phrase is; “Hail Mary full of grace, the Masons are sill in second place!” By the way I learned this from my Catholic Brother-in-law.

Yup. Love it. I have a roku and EWTN has a channel on there. The Journey Home, EWTN Live, Life on the Rock and The World Over are all available on demand as well, so I usually catch those shows that way.

Great post! I think everyone who is on this forum should post here!

I switched from satellite to cable a couple years ago and had NO IDEA that there were Catholic stations available. I discovered both the Canadian channel (Salt & Light television) and EWTN on the same day about one year ago and love both!

I especially like Crossing the Goal, The Journey Home and of course the Daily Mass. I have especially enjoyed the special masses they show, recently the installation of a couple American bishops to be specific. I’ve also seen a special on EWTN which is a sort of video/music video tribute to the life of John Paul II. They’ve replayed it several times and it has a beautiful musical score with Andrea Bocelli, it’s just so beautiful!

Anyway, a long answer to a short question. I watch it and love it!

I thoroughly enjoy all of EWTN’s television programming, probably my favorite thing on most days is the short program Reflections with Father Leo Clifford at 3:20pm ET. Instead of listing programs I do like I’ll have to think about things I don’t like, nothing is coming to mind right now :smiley:

We, too, enjoy watching EWTN. Recently, while channel surfing, I ran across Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, saying the Rosary from the Holy Land. The mysteries are shown from the places in the Holy Land where the events actually occurred, which we had the opportunity to visit during a winter pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The Rosary is an unforgettable prayer experience from the land of Our Savior and His holy Mother, and I look forward to watching/praying this wonderful DVD.

Yes I love EWTN, I love the shows Ewtn live, Mother Angelica, and the show Catholicism :slight_smile:

“The World Over” with Raymond Arroyo. :thumbsup:

I discovered EWTN shortly after I returned to the Church after a very long absence. I found much inspiration and information watching EWTN!

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