Do you ever wish

Do you ever wish you could just meet Jesus face to face and just have a discussion with HIm, and ask Him questions about your life? I have soooo many questions lol. I wish I knew what His answers would be like, but more than that, what it’s like to just have a conversation with Him.

If you could meet Jesus, where would you be? what would you talk about?

If and when we meet, He is going to have a lot of explaining to do :eek: LOL

I would ask, “dear Jesus, help me to do your will.”

I do this everytime I receive holy Communion.

Me too…When I get to my pew I often pray to him after communion and ask Him stuff and thank Him.

I also do an hour a week at the adoration chapel, after I pray to Him I often spill my guts out to him asking him questions and telling him my problems. I feel great after doing this. I feel His answers a lot of time in my heart and not at the moment I talk to Him, sometimes it could be weeks later.

Thank you for the replies everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve always done this after Communion too. Sometimes I also wonder what it would be like to see Jesus, well I guess not in this life :slight_smile:

There’s a 2005 movie called The Perfect Stranger. Its about a woman who is having problems in her life and she gets an invitation to dinner at a restaurant. She thinks its a surprise from her husband who she argued with earlier in the day but when she sits down at the table there is a man she doesn’t recognise. He introduces himself as Jesus. She doesn’t believe him but by the end of the evening she does and the conversation about her life is really interesting.

Monica, I see where your coming from and yes it would be awesome to see him. I remember what what St Faustina said after the divine mercy portrait of Jesus was done that the picture did not even come close to how beautiful he is and was not good enough. I always wondered what she saw to make such a comment.

I have discussions with Jesus every day and he answers me. You just need to be quiet.

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