Do you ever write down the revelation the holy spirit gives you?

Do you ever write down the revelation the holy spirit gives you?

Only later, in applicable threads here.

No because I don’t have any. I would seek a spiritual advisor before acting on them.

If by revelations you mean insights and moments of clarity related to prayer and meditation on the scriptures? Yes.

If by revelations you mean direct communications with God, Mary, or the Saints? No because I have not had such a grace bestowed on me. In any case, I’d only write it down if I were asked to by whomever was communicating with me. Then I’d take it to the relevant authority.

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Because so many factors can influence what persons may feel or believe to be inspirations of the Holy Spirit, when others, or oneself, can be misled by mistaken ones which may be authentic, but alternately may be based on wish-fulfillment or temperament, or unbalanced-thought… there is some caution in sharing them. However to write them in a private journal can sometimes help to clarify issues in your spiritual journey, and discussed with your spiritual director if necessary. There is no doubt that God’s Holy Spirit does speak in our souls and lives, and the Church is the source of many, and Christians have been enriched by the inspirations of many people throughout the centuries.

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I’m a free lancer poet type - I like writing down things -
Sometimes in haiku form - sometimes a sonnet - etc
I obviously started from a self centered personal view -
But with time - have fine tuned my craft - to more top notch ideas.

So. Yes. I even have a notebook in my car.
I go to church with a small notebook -
It’s never anything super special -
It’s more like a small grocery list -
to keep mindful of -
to follow through with - etc

There’s elements of prayer too -

I am afraid I have never been blessed with a revelation from the Holy Spirit. Probably never will be, I shouldn’t wonder. Like the private revelations of others, such an occurrence isn’t necessary to my faith in and devotion to Christ and His saints.

Sometimes and then only after I have tested the private revelation and if it is from the Holy Spirit, then I will meditate on it. Generally, the words are simply flat and just cannot convey it. I am never in a hurry because it is something that needs a lot of prayerful thinking about. It isn’t a common occurrence and is about something that I need help with. I know that not everyone receives private revelations and I simply assume that it is the Holy Spirit drawing pictures for me because I don’t understand the words i.e. I am still in kindergarten faith-wise, unlike those who do not need private revelations.

I started wring down understandings as I was going through RCIA, revelations of understanding, as I was reading, listening to Catholic radio programs, etc. I wanted to keep a journal of sorts of my path to the Catholic faith. I still jot down thoughts that jump out to me, especially “mystical moments” where I look back as see it was God intervening in my every day life. My first entry was entitled, “My Journey to Truth,” I’m more of a methodical thinker, so the writing shows my path and the result. (I read with a highlighter in my hand!)

No, except maybe if I write it to someone else. The Holy Spirit speaks to me in my own thoughts. Often when I am writing something the right thought is in my head. I ask the Lord Jesus once if He would show me his life as a child and teenager? Very clearly, in the morning the thought was " don’t you know when you see your grandbabies you are seeing me? When you work with the teenagers, you are seeing me? If we can’t see Jesus Christ in other people, we will not see Him anywhere.

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