Do you favor Tridentine Mass or the Venacular Mass?

I’m not sure if I spelled Venacular right but this is a poll. I have heard is the a grown in the interest of the Tridentine Mass. I happen to be interested in going to one once I return state side.

Vernacular or vulgar. But I favor the Traditional Latin Mass, of course. :slight_smile:

Ditto. :slight_smile:

What makes me really excited, aside from the regular tradition-injected, reverance jam-packed TLM is the feeling of unity. From all corners of the earth, the mass is the same. It makes me feel tingly when I hear the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic part in the credo. Our common language is latin! It is like when you are little, and you and a friend have a secret language. It is special becuase it is y’alls alone. Even when you are older, and you see that friend, you have this bond that binds you together. Or like when I was in NYC, and I heard another southern accent. It feels like home. That is what the latin in the TLM means to me.
It doesn’t bother me that it is not in english. It is simple to follow along with a missal. I am excited by the possibility of when (and if) I travel abroad I can go to a “TLM” and it be the same. It is just a beautiful thing to think about.

I’m all for both being separate hierarchy and tradition.

My personal preference is the Ruthenian expression of the Divine Liturgy of St. John, then the NO in the vernacular, then the Dominican Rite’s Missal in either Latin or vernacular. The actual TLM? Never seen it!

I couldn’t answer this one.

It is not my job to organise worship, decide what the liturgy should be, etc, etc.
However in Britain, but not necessarily other places like Africa, we do have a very serious problem of a shrinking membership, and low commitment from those who are still members, measured in objective ways such as amount of money given, amount of time spent in Church events, adherence to rules, and so on, not measured in terms of their personal holiness.

One thing we have got to consider is that maybe some of the things we are doing are wrong, or ill-advised. Just as a chocolate bar manufacturer faced with falling profits would look at his product, his marketing, his management structure, and so on, we’ve got to look at everything we do and try to identify the source of the problem.

Feelings are important and I am glad that the Latin does this for you all, but the sign of our oneness, our unity as Catholics is not the language of the Mass, but the Eucharist which is celebrated and received by those belonging to any one of the Rites that recognize the Pope as their head. The second sign of unity or oneness is the fact that we are unified under the Pope.

Remember not to compare rites of the Church nor denigrate any of them, either, be it TLM or NOM.

I’m not voting because there is no “Both” option, and I feel that both are valid celebrations of the holy sacrafice of the Mass, whereby Jesus becomes truely present through transubstantiation.


That’s a given. That is why I choose to stress ‘feel’. I don’t ‘feel’ united when I am in a less reverant atmosphere. But, feelings aren’t much. It does not mean that I am in a lesser state of communion with fellow catholics. I am not nit-picky like that. It is just at a TLM, I don’t have to be constantly afraid of being scandalized and overlooking abuses. I can pray, worship, and focus on the eternal sacrifice. I am also speaking in generalities. I know abuses could happen at a TLM, but generally they do not.

what is venacular? What is NO? TLC is Tridentine Latin Mass?

Don’t mean to sound ignorant, but I was just confirmed 2 months ago. I never knew there were different forms of the Catholic Mass! :blush:

Vernacular is Mass is your native language.

NO is an abbreviation for Novus Ordo, or the New Mass, the one that was promulgated after the Second Vatican Council

TLM is an abbreviation for the Tridentine Latin Mass, or the Mass of the Ages, as it is also called.

Thanks paramedic girl!!! There’s so much to learn!

There is also another option that isn’t listed in this poll: the NO in Latin. I have never been to one. No parishes in my neighbourhood have it. The parishes in my neighbourhood are mostly NO in English (or Spanish, Polish, German); but there is one parish that has the TLM.

As opposed to the Tridentine Byzantine Mass? :slight_smile: Would that work? Trent and Pius V basically outlawed all post-1370 rites.

TLM could also stand for Traditional Latin Mass which would actually take it back to the 4th century. Probably ancient Latin Mass would be more precise but who wants to be old and stuffy? :slight_smile:

And in all sorts of different languages too, each with its own set of nuances and interpretations. Neat, huh? :smiley:

I think if one went back to the 4th century, they would find it quite different. Though with certain parallels. No Kyrie (sort of) Gloria, Offertory prayers, Creed, Our Father and Peace in a different place , no prayers before communion-basially no TLM :slight_smile: . Even the Canon might have been slightly different.

Isn’t it ironic how the TLM gets an English name and the NO a Latin one?

I think the source of the problem is pretty obvious all things considered/

Huzzah! I’m glad to hear that. I enjoy both Masses and am not sure which one to choose if I had a choice.

Ok, but remember which one came first. :wink:

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