Do you fear death?


For people of all faiths, Do you fear Death, not just the process of dying, but the state of death itself. You may pick multiple options in the poll.

If you don’t mind posting your faith and age as well, I think that might be interesting.




Death is something hard for a persons mind to comprehend. Personally i don’t fear death, but if you know you are about to die then that is a big difference. Especially when their is a possibility of pain or suffering before death.

Didn’t Jesus fear death when He was at the Garden of Olives, before he was arrested?


I don’t face death itself. I do fear how I might die. I briefly had to face death once. It was very scary how I might have died (going off a mountian cliff in a vehicle that I lost control of). But, to my surprise, I had a feeling of profound calmness behind it all: I knew that death was just a door, and on the other side was exactly what I had chosen by the choices of my lifetime. And, the more I reflected on that and the many sins I commit, the more scared I have become about my salvation . . . and the more I feel prompted towards repentance. Where sin rules, grace can yet overcome.


Dear Lord,

Please allow me a good death, and a rapid journey to your side.


Being dead is not so scary (we’ll be dead a lot longer than we will be alive, right). Becoming dead is a whole other issue. :eek:


I’m not really afraid of death at all. In some ways, I would welcome it, because life can be pretty tough at times.

However, I do have a wife and kids that rely on me, and that I love… so I’m not looking to abandon them.

But on a personal level, death holds no fear for me.


No, I don’t really fear death. About four weeks ago, I was in the hospital and was convinced I was going to die. My biggest concern was DH and my family. I don’t want to die young, but if that’s God’s will, I’m OK with it. I just don’t want to leave my loved ones. Fortunately, I’m not going to die anytime soon (at least not medically). I do have cancer, but in my post-surgery haze I thought it was much worse than it was, so all’s well!


I fear the pain I may have to go through while dying, but I don’t always fear what comes afterwards. If my scrupulosity is acting up, then yes, I do fear it. If my scruples are under control, then I don’t fear meeting God as much.


I’m not afraid of dying, but on how I might die. I had a major operation 18 months ago, and I was afraid of dying because my wife didn’t have the ability to cope without me.


My only concern about death is that it will come suddenly, like a fatal heart attack. I fear I will be taken before I have the chance to complete my tasks here on earth! But as for actually leaving this world and moving on to the next? Can’t wait!:slight_smile:


I do not fear death :slight_smile: - only what may come before; which is silly, if one thinks about it.

Religion: Catholic
Age: *My *business :slight_smile:


I’m terrified of death. I had a horrible experience when I was doing chemo almost four years ago. I don’t think I can stand before God without some intervention.Tim


I pray to have a happy death every single day. :slight_smile:


I’m also scared I won’t know I’m dead. Even now, when things get spiritual/transparent. I question whether I’m already dead or not. Its part of the spiritual warfare I went through. Tim


I look forward to being in the presence of God. The only thing I fear is dying too soon, while my family still depends on me.

Catholic, age 53


I only fear dying in my sleep. For some reason, the thought of not having a chance to use my last breath to say a final goodbye to the people around me troubles me greatly. Other than that though, I am apathetic towards death. It will come to me when God wills it, and I am satisfied that what God wills is best for me. Whenever God calls me from earth, I will be pleased, whether that be soon or decades from now:) .


When I was young, I feared death. Because I had no hope or faith in God. The older I get, the less I fear death because my hope has increased, as has my faith in God.

After JP2, I do not fear suffering because of death. Before he was ill, and even when he was dying, I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t get out of the public eye and pass away peacefully in private. But after he died, I came to understand he was showing us that suffering is necessary and useful, and a part of our humanity. And life is precious, no matter how young or old. Because of that I do not fear suffering before dying. And I have a lot better understanding and respect for older folks, especially those who are sick.

In the end, if I have lived properly I will get my reward and face God. why fear that?

In conjunction to that, a baptist friend who speaks of death and suffering as something to fear, quite a bit. I always tell her, it’s not something to fear, but something to embrace. She does not understand.


Very good point about JPII. All of me protestant friends kept asking me why he just didn’t “resign” and go live in Florida. (I really had someone ask me that.) You have a wonderful point though. Imagine all of the other people in teh world watching him who were elderly and/or dying. Imagine the strength and comfort that his public display of weakness and frailty must have brought to them!

I know that Fr. Benedict Groeshel has said that if he has to go to the hospital or something before he dies, he wants to make a series out of it so that people can learn how to cope with the process of death.


Feared death much of my life until I started reading Near Death Experience books, and also have had a few promptings of the Spirit, albeit they were tiny promptings. Times when I was protected from serious injury or death, even though I have had a few head injuries that could have taken my life. Basically the fear of death pretty much has abaited in the past year or so.

Religion: Mormon since 1971 - inactive since being thrown out of the singles group for being too old.

Age: 47


religion catholic

age 40-and darn proud of my age too.:slight_smile:

no, i don’t fear death. i will get to be with my loved ones and god, after all.

i don’t want to leave my children or husband and i really worry how my hubby would cope. actually, i am more afraid that he might die before me. this is silly but i think that living with the grief of being without him might be harder then dieing. :frowning:

my secret fear is meeting some sadistic serial killer who wants to cause me a lot of physical pain, but that isn’t a fear of death so much as of pain.


I’m a 41 year old pantheist.

Usually I don’t fear death, but I have moments when the idea of not being in contact with everything I know and love overwhelms me with frustration and sadness.

My fear of death has dropped dramatically with age. Not sure how much of that has to do with my change in belief systems, and how much to do with maturing. My 41 year old body is tired enough to be able to easily imagine being grateful to cash it all in for a eternal rest.

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